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Indira IVF Sharda Narayan Test Tube Baby Centre (Sharda Narayan Hospital) Shardapuram, Sahadatpura, Mau Nath Bhanjan, Mau Uttar Pradesh 275101 India



IVF Center In Mau

IVF Center in Mau, Like all professions and practices, there are various myths which are prevalent about the IVF too. One of the most rampant myths is that the IVF is only for older women and young women must refrain from it. As a result, a lot of women wait till get old in avail IVF. But this leads to a lot of complications which results in utter confusion, and at times extreme frustration.

Most of the young women first opt for IUI treatment which is relatively cheaper than IVF treatment. But the problem arises when they keep on continuing with the IUI even after it fails to deliver the fruitful result. It is an established norm in fertility domain that if a person fails IUI 3 times, it is time to move on to IVF Center in Mau and seek other methods or measures. But most of the patients persist with IUI even after failing 3 cycles due to lack of proper guidance.

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