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How successful is egg freezing

The success of egg freezing process depends on multiple factors given that it is a complex process. With technological advancements and improvement in process as the years pass by, there has been variable success rates observed. Freezing the eggs at a younger age and choice of Clinique also plays an important role in success rate of egg freezing.

How safe is the process?

IVF is a very safe process apart from few side effects that some may experience due to certain medications or treatment process. But they all mitigate slowly after the process is completed.

When should one consider egg freezing?

It is always advised to freeze the eggs at a younger age so that both the quality and quantity of eggs are adequate enough to increase the success rate whenever it is fertilized.

How long the eggs can be stored?

The standard storage period for eggs is for a maximum of 10 years, although it may vary in several cases. Your doctor/ clinic will advice better as it depends on multiple factors. It is important to understand that currently if you are storing eggs for social reasons they can only remain in storage for up to a maximum of 10 years. Also if you are storing eggs for a longer period you much inform the clinic about any change in your address that you might have undergone.

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