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Indira IVF uses Internet of Things (IoT) technique in their embryology labs pan India. With the help of IoT, sophisticated sensors and chips are embedded in equipments which monitor and record the valuable data and also transmit in real time. IoT systems are based on web, application or cloud and also represent data graphically for real time monitoring.

We embrace innovative approaches to make our workplace a perfect ecosystem. With an objective to reduce loss of embryos due to errors in the laboratory, like leakage of gas cylinder or liquid nitrogen, breakdown of fridge or incubator, and increase in VOC levels among others, the full-proof technology ‘Lab Care Alarm System’ has been implemented.

Implanting 24x7 alarm and monitoring system is an ideal task giving unparalleled result. Such systems cover a wide range of products in ART laboratories. The system not only requires equipment to be covered but also setting up range for alarms to be triggered, setting up SOPs for response, setting up SOPs for monitoring, and educating staff to follow them. This system has been installed after a year of thorough research and it is still under continuous observation for improvement. Our team keeps working on its statistics to bring out the best from this system which is installed across our laboratories and hospitals in India.

We successfully connected the new set-up of IoT-based devices with appropriate IT infrastructure and identified precise areas where additional sensors were installed. We analysed and very cautiously placed sensors at the suitable spots to ensure that only correct readings are taken – this turned out to be a game changer. To arrive at the correct conclusion, an immediate response to alarms is equally important so an appropriate intervention may be made. Hence, for achieving a proper implementation, we have assigned dedicated staff members and have allotted them specific tasks and responsibilities. This has led to increased work efficiency of staff and improved laboratory success and its compliance.

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