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When to do it and how it works?

It is advisable to wait one to two years before doing an infertility check-up. But this can be done earlier when there is a pre-existing pathology, for example endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome . This assessment can also be carried out after six months of attempts if the woman is over 35 years old .

When should you worry about not being able to conceive?

In some cases, it is useless or even counterproductive to wait before considering infertility workup. For example, If your mother went through the menopause very young Your partner had surgery for undescended testicles If you had salpingitis

Whom to consult and should you consult as a couple?

It is indeed preferable to consult as a couple. In 30% of the cases, infertility is a female issue. The same goes for male infertility, which also occurs in 30% of cases and, it is mixed for 40%.

What questions do we ask the couple?

Any infertility assessment begins with a fairly thorough questioning. Before starting analyses, it is essential for the doctor to know more about the medical history: have there been infections or surgeries of the genital sphere? Are the periods regular? The doctor asks the man, for example, if his testicles have descended into the bursa at birth, at what age the first emissions of sperm took place, if he has had certain infections, if he takes regular drug treatment, if he has already had radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The woman will also be asked: The age of puberty Her gynecological past (operations, abortion, miscarriages, etc.) Surgical and medical history Existence of a current chronic disease or genetic disease The date of possible cessation of contraception Daily hygiene

What examinations and tests are carried out in men and women?

Further examinations may be undertaken to ensure that everything is fine on both sides, or to diagnose a possible cause of infertility. Hormonal assays, an ultrasound of the genital tract and observation of the cycle by taking the temperature in the morning can be undertaken in women, while in men, it will be a question of ensuring the quality of the sperm, via a spermogram to begin with.

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