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The special nature of semen collection in a hospital setting leads to hesitation on the part of some patients. But at Indira IVF Group of Hospitals, we try to provide a comfortable environment to our patients so that they can feel at ease. 

The semen analysis is an easy-to-perform examination that can provide effective information on male infertility. For the analysis to be reliable the collection must be done in good conditions, preferably in the laboratory, and the analysis must be carried out in a structure accustomed to this type of sampling. 

The spermogram accurately measures parameters such as: 

  • The number of spermatozoa (numbering); 

  • Sperm motility (progressive and total); 

  • Sperm vitality ; 

  • The size and shape of sperm; 

  • The volume of semen ; 

  • The dosage of certain substances normally present. 

However, it will be necessary to repeat the sample at least twice before really talking about infertility or a problem of male origin. Indeed, spermatogenesis is a process likely to vary over time or because of a problem such as a general infection (a simple flu with high fever can cause alterations in the semen analysis). 

The next check up will take place at least one and a half to two months later. 

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