Author Name: Dr. Rahul Salunkhe || Co- Author Name: Dr. Pawan Yadav on April 27, 2020

Infertility is inability to conceive after 1 year or more with regular unprotected sexual
intercourse. Many people believe masturbation as well as nightfall (Nocturnal emission) as the
causes of infertility. But do masturbation and nightfall really affect your fertility potential? Let’s
discuss this very important topic


Masturbation is the self-stimulation of the sex organs in order toachieve sexual pleasure.

Your past history of masturbation does not affect your current fertility potential. We often
find people who say that masturbation might lead to infertility.

Masturbation is a normal sexual activity and doesn’t affect fertility But one must limit the
frequency if you are planning for pregnancy. Frequent masturbation may lead to lower volume
of semen inejaculation. Frequent masturbation can affect fertility potential as the male partner
may feel tired if he masturbates a lot and he will not have desire for sexual intercourse with his
female partner during her ovulation period due to lack of energy.

Some people feel that it might cause erectile dysfunction in men, but it’s a
myth. Masturbation doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction. Some researches claim that semen
quality is returns to normal after 2-3 days of ejaculation. But some totally contradict the above
statements saying that men with normal sperm quality will maintain normal sperm count and
motility even if they masturbate frequently. When fertility is a concern, masturbation should not
be practiced around the time of wife’s ovulation. This can decrease the sperm count in an
individual with a low sperm count and thus reduce semen quality at the time of ovulation of a
female partner.

If you have doubts regarding your sperm count, you can get your semen analysis done after
consulting infertility expert. If the sperm count and motility is good then actually no need to

If the female is not able to conceive even after the male partner limiting his masturbation
during her fertile period and his sperm quality is good then other causes of infertility should be
ruled out. In such a case, it is important that you visit the fertility expert as soon as
possible. Unlike other medical problems, infertility requires the careful evaluation of both the

Nightfall (Nocturnal emission)

Nightfall (nocturnal emission) is an ejaculation of semen involuntariy. It is an orgasm, which
occurs spontaneously.

In this condition there is sudden discharge of semen more than twice in a month. It occurs due
to either excessive amount of seminal fluid or thin consistency of fluid. It is very natural process
and a part of normal sexuality. It is more common in adolescents or young adults.

The frequency of nocturnal emission is variable. If it is too frequent, we need to think of
possible causes.

Possible causes can be:
1. weak perineal muscles
2. sexual inactivity for longer duration
3. full bladder at the time of sleep
4. weakness of genital nerves
5. adverse effect of some medicines like sedatives, antihypertensives.

So if there is increased frequency of nightfall, first you should consult urologist. If any
medicine is causing this symptom, it should be replaced. Bladder should be emptied before going
to bed.

It’s a common myth that Nightfall can reduce a man’s sperm count. Nightfall only replaces
stored semen with new and healthy one which leads production of good quality sperms.

There is no association of nightfall and infertility. It is very essential to check sperm count
and motility in cases of infertility after consulting a fertility expert. Even if there is low sperm
count during evaluation, it can not be due to nightfall. In such scenario we need to find out other
causes of infertility.

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