Misapprehensions about Menstruation and Infertility

May 5, 2018

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There are many misconceptions about infertility amongst women who face trouble in their menstruation cycle. Some often wrongly interpret their infertility to their unstable menstrual cycle which surprisingly, is not always the case. IVF experts say that menstrual disturbance may be one of the reasons for infertility but there might be other more important factors and therefore it is crucial that both male and female partner undergo a full set of infertility investigations.

It is unreasonable of anyone to presume that they are infertile on the basis of their menstrual flow without any clinical analysis or expert comments by fertility specialists. Unfortunately, there are uncountable women who link the appearance or color of their blood to their reproductive health. Some even go as far as being fooled by companies claiming to sell products or boast of conducting surgeries that can clean their uterus.

Menstruation and Infertility

Experts at Indira IVF center say that there are many women living in horror because of myths connecting the color and amount of their menstrual blood to the strength and cleanliness of their uterus. It is necessary for women to be aware of the fact that none of these myths are true and they must consult their doctors for expert advice instead of relying on their own assumptions.

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