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May 7, 2018

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A few simple steps that can bring woman miles closer to becoming a mother are:

Tracking the menstrual cycle- It’s crucial to monitor the cycle for at least three to four months to know the most probable day of ovulation. To increase the chances of conceiving, intercourse should be timed. One can get into intercourse five days preceding and on the day of ovulation itself for maximizing the chances as an egg stays in the reproductive tract for around 36 hours and sperm for up to five days.

Additional Supplements- Multivitamin, folic acid, zinc and B6 supplements are like mandates for to women who’re trying to get pregnant. Zinc attracts and holds the reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone whereas folic acid is crucial for the development of spine of the baby.

Be toxic free- Both the partners should cut down on caffeine and alcohol they reduce the fertility in females and also lowers the sperm count in male partner. Caffeine also enhances the possibility of miscarriage, motility and abnormalities. Smoking gets woman closer to menopause and reduces the sperm count in males.

Healthy eating- Fast foods, preservative foods are not a healthy option for anybody, but while talking about a woman trying to conceive, these food items should be a no-no. Diet should be inclusive of vegetables and fruits for maintaining the nutrients in keeping the body hydrated.

Work out- To maintain the body weight is very important while you’re trying to get pregnant. Being underweight or overweight can be a hurdle in getting pregnant due to hormonal imbalance that comes along with imbalanced body weight. Exercising helps in keeping one physically and mentally fit which improves fertility.

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