What is a Multiple Pregnancy?

May 5, 2018

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Often, people going under an IVF treatment conceive multiple children. This can be great news for infertile couples as they get to be parents to multiple children when they couldn’t even have one. However, for many couples, this could be bad news bringing upon them tonnes of pressure.

The reason why multiple pregnancies occur is that doctors often transfer multiple blastocysts or embryos into the mother’s womb.

This is wrong on the part of the doctor since they should know how life-threatening or hard it could be for a mother to carry multiple babies. Doctors must keep in mind various factors like the mother’s age and her health condition before mindlessly transferring multiple embryos into her womb.

Top IVF Fertility centers like Indira IVF Treatment center, New Delhi and Indira IVF Treatment center, Pune claim that working women face the highest amount of difficulties in carrying multiple babies. Often, they plan for a single baby according to their financial resources and the time they can squeeze out of their very busy lives. But a multiple pregnancy can not only come out as a surprise but also a ruiner of their careful family planning. Many couples opting for IVF treatment are old and having a multiple pregnancy can be hazardous for the mother’s health. Also, multiple fetuses in the womb have high chances of being born with disabilities and malformed limbs or other body parts.

Expert IVF doctors and IVF specialists state that unfortunately, many doctors deliberately transfer multiple embryos so that they leave no scope for a failed transfer. They believe that by transferring multiple embryos, at least one of them would get implanted and impregnate the mother. It is ironic that these IVF doctors consider a marking of success in their records more important than the health of their patient.

Furthermore, the number of eggs and sperms that would fertilize and make embryos is unpredictable. It depends highly on the quality of the eggs and sperms of the parents. Hence, it is even more critical that IVF doctors keep a check on how many eggs are fertilized to form embryos and inform the parents accordingly so that it boils down to their decision about how many embryos they would like to be transferred into the womb.

Also, doctors claim that patients urge them and some even pressurize them to make sure that the treatment and eventual transfer results in a pregnancy otherwise they feel betrayed and looted. Thus, the doctors are forced to transfer several embryos.

Hence, it is very critical for patients to go through every option that they have while choosing an IVF doctor and IVF treatment facility. They must prepare themselves with utmost knowledge of IVF, its procedures and treatments available in their country, etc as a knowledgeable and well informed patient can never be fooled by greedy doctors.

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