Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: How to get pregnant with PCOS ?

August 14, 2020

pcos - pcod

Author Name: Dr. Sarah Zaidi on August 14, 2020

Due to its rising incidence among young woman PCOS is becoming an increased health risk. It is found in 15 -17% of reproductive age group women.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PC OD hey reflect the same medical condition If they exist as a symptom complex together it is called PC OS or if it is accidentally discovered on a routine ultrasound or a check up it is called pcod. It not only affects the physical health but also but also the medical the psychological health of the patient. it is as common as it is found in One in every 5th girl.

It can be found in a young adolescent girl at the time of puberty as a regular periods or problem of increased weight gain Or can be found in a young married couple as a cause of their infertility it can have the following symptoms.

Irregular menstrual cycle
Increase weight gain
Hirsutism and acne
Alopecia or hair thinning

Space sometimes patients don’t get periods without withdrawal bleed to simplify why this disease occurs let us understand these patients already have a genetic risk and are wrong lifestyle aggravates them these patients have insulin resistance which also predisposes them 2 diabetes mellitus and developing cardiovascular risk later these patients have high testosterone levels causing them hirsutism and problem of acne a young adolescent girl can be treated by a 3 to 6 month long hormonal pill course primarily containing cyperoterone acetate 2 regularise cycle and also to treat her problem of acne lifestyle modifications are advised along with.

Pcod account for 40 5% cases 42 45% cases of infertility in couples this problem should be promptly corrected should be promptly identified and corrected in them they are given Ovulation induction Either by medicines or high-quality gonadotropin Injections. The quality of the eggs is also assessed during the process. Thus, IVF plays a pivotal role in the treatment plan of these patients.

In later ages these if not corrected at the initial stages can make the patient susceptible for developing diabetes and hypertension thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular event. Research says they are at risk of endometrial cancer also .

Lifestyle changes mainly revolve around the diet and exercise mindful eating and healthy plate method constitute the mainstay more complex car book complex carbohydrates and green leafy vegetables have to be included in the diet processed foods and sweets have to be discouraged. Exercise also please a major role in the management 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes per day off high intensity physical exercise solves most of our problems.

Pcos is not a disease but a lifestyle disorder. It is a hormonal imbalance found in those who are already at risk genetically and it is our wrong lifestyle habits which aggravate it.Since It also impacts the mental health of the patient causing low self esteem and confidence it should be promptly identified and corrected.
Incorporating self discipline in our diet and lifestyle relieves us off more than Half of our worries here.

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