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    With the opening of Noida centre, Indira IVF owns its 94th IVF clinic in India. If you, your partner or anyone you know is suffering from infertility and searching for the best IVF doctor in Noida, here is a help. Read below to know more about infertility, infertility treatment, IVF and IVF hospitals in Noida.

    What is in vitro fertilization?

    In vitro fertilization or IVF is an assisted reproductive technique. It consists of bringing oocytes in contact with sperm in the laboratory in order to obtain good quality embryos. In order to perform this procedure, the patient must undergo controlled hormonal stimulation to obtain her oocytes, which are then fertilized with sperm in the laboratory, where they remain in culture for a few days. One of her embryo/ embryos is then transferred to the uterine cavity and the rest is cryo-preserved for later use.

    In which cases is it recommended?

    In vitro fertilization allows IVF doctor in Noida centre to optimize the process of fertilization when this is made difficult by other causes.  This treatment is recommended in the following cases:

    • Women after several unsuccessful artificial inseminations.
    • Women with advanced endometriosis with repercussions on the tubes.
    • Women from a certain age with poor oocyte quality.
    • Women with damaged tubes or without tubes.
    • Women with hydrosalpinx.
    • Couples needing to carry out a preimplantation genetic study.
    • Couples where the man has poor sperm quality (moderate or severe male factor).

    IVF Success rate

    In vitro fertilization has a higher success rate than other less complex ART treatments, such as artificial insemination or supervised intercourse. Though the chances of pregnancy depends on individual factors such as- age, ovarian reserve, medical and reproductive history, etc. - but Indira IVF, the best IVF centre in Noida gives you the assurance that our fertility specialists will prescribe the most appropriate personalized treatment plan to achieve our goal that is a successful pregnancy for you.

    What does in vitro fertilization consist of?

    • First consultation

      The in vitro fertilization treatment begins with the first consultation in our IVF clinic, where our fertility specialists carry out an assessment of the patient, analyze their medical history and all reports concerning previous treatments. In addition, they perform a full gynecological examination, accompanied by a semen analysis in the event that the partner's sperm has to be used. Thus, thanks to a personalized diagnosis, Indira IVF, the best IVF centre in Noida guarantees to always recommend the best treatment to its patients.

    • Ovarian stimulation

      The ovarian stimulation process consists of daily injections that the patient can administer on her own if desired. A woman naturally produces a single egg every month, but thanks to this hormonal treatment which allows us to obtain several eggs, which will then be fertilized and become embryos. The embryo/embryos is transferred to the patient's uterus and the rest is cryopreserved for later use at IVF clinic in Noida.

      Then, your trusted doctor, the best infertility doctor in Noida will perform several ultrasounds (between 3 and 4) and blood tests throughout the process to check the development of stimulation. When the follicles have reached the correct number and size, a dose of the hormone hCG will be administered to trigger the maturation of the oocytes. 36 hours later, the puncture will be scheduled and will be performed in our IVF clinic.

    • Puncture

      It is a simple procedure that does not take more than 15-20 minutes. It takes place in the operating room under sedation, in order to avoid any discomfort to the patient. The puncture is done by accessing the ovaries through the vaginal cavity, and each of the follicles is punctured. The liquid sucked from each follicle contains the eggs which will then be fertilized in laboratory at the Indira IVF clinic Noida. After the procedure, the patient remains at rest for a while, then she can leave and resume her usual routine the same day.

    • In vitro fertilization

      The next step is in vitro fertilization, which can be carried out with partner or donor sperm. This procedure can be performed with two different techniques.  The first is the classic IVF technique, which consists of placing each of the oocytes obtained by the puncture on drops of previously prepared sperm, so as to simulate the natural fertilization process in the culture slide. 

      At Indira IVF centre Noida, the second technique is carried out with an intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI): this is a high-precision technique by which our embryologists individually select the best spermatozoa and introduce them one by one inside each egg.

    • Embryonic culture

      The embryo culture process lasts between 5 to 6 days. Our embryologists are responsible for creating the necessary culture conditions for the embryos at each stage, and at the same time they observe and analyze their development to assess their quality at Indira IVF, the best fertility centre in Noida. 

      In addition, with the help of time-lapse monitoring technology, it is possible to make an integral monitoring in real time which allows us not only to assess their quality in terms of morphology, but also to consider other parameters related to their capacity and division time. Thus, at Indira IVF, the best IVF clinic in Noida, we have valuable additional information that allows us to rule out those embryos who are not progressing well and therefore are not suitable for achieving pregnancy.

    • Embryo transfer

      At Indira IVF, to do an embryo transfer, the IVF Specialists will first prepare the patient's uterus, while ensuring that the endometrium (the inner layer of the uterus) is of the appropriate thickness to accommodate the embryo and allow pregnancy. During the transfer, the best embryo is introduced into the uterus using a cannula. It is performed in the operating room, but it is a quick and a painless procedure, so it is an outpatient process without anesthesia at the Indira IVF clinic Noida.

    • Pregnancy test

      At Indira IVF centre, the best IVF doctor in Noida will tell you the optimal date for a blood pregnancy test, which takes about 14 days after the transfer. You will be able to lead a normal life during this time, but very strenuous activities are not recommended. If the result is positive, your Doctor will have a follow-up ultrasound after 20 days, after which your IVF treatment will be completed and he will continue monitoring your pregnancy.

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