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    Let’s know about In Vitro Fertilization!

    In Vitro fertilization abbreviated as IVF, is a type of Assisted Reproductive Technology and usually called ART. It involves a procedure which after conducting the required checkups and tests, is followed by Ovary stimulation. In this step, the eggs are stimulated and the stimulated eggs are then retrieved from the woman’s ovaries in the next step. It is then fertilized with the sperm and the fertilized egg is known as embryo. The embryo formed is then transferred to the woman’s uterus or it can also be kept frozen in some cases for future use.

    Depends on your situation and requirement, IVF may use:

    1 Your egg and your partner’s sperm

    2 Your egg and donor’s sperm

    3 Donor’s eggs and partner’s sperm

    4 Both eggs and sperms are taken from donors

    5 Donated embryos

    6 Your doctor can also opt for surrogacy or gestational carrier if required. A surrogate mother is a woman who carries and nourishes your baby inside her womb. The IVF success rate varies depending on different factors including age and infertility problems. According to the obstetrics and Gynaecology department of AIIMS, IVF success rate in India falls between 30-35%. However, if the treatment provided is well facilitated and with good conditions, then its chances may tend to increase up to a success rate as high as 40%. To know more about the situations or requirements related to infertility and IVF, you can visit Indira IVF’s panjim center, the best IVF center in Panjim, Goa.

    When and why IVF is performed?

    It is a procedure which helps many people builds families. It is costly as compared to the other fertility treatments, so couples often try other treatments before opting this. These treatments and medications may include fertility drugs or Intra Uterine insemination in which doctor directly transfers sperm into the woman’s uterus. You can talk one to one with our fertility specialist at Indira IVF center in Panjim and clear all your queries related to IVF treatment.

    Those infertility issues for which IVF may be necessary includes-

    1Reduced fertility in women over the age of 40

    2 Damaged or blocked fallopian tubes

    3 Reduced or failure in ovulation

    4 Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

    5 Primary ovary insufficiency (POI)

    6 Uterine fibroids and autoimmune disorders


    8 Implantation failure

    9 Failure in egg maturity

    10 Infections

    11 Irregular periods

    12Unexplained infertility

    13 Male infertility i.e. low sperm count or abnormalities in sperm shape

    14 To avoid risk of passage of Genetic disorders

    How to prepare yourself for In Vitro Fertilization?

    Before initiating the process of IVF, women will first have to undergo ovarian reserve testing, a process which involves taking a blood sample of the woman and testing it for the level of FSH i.e. Follicle Stimulating Hormone present in it. The results will give your doctor precise information about the size and quality of the eggs. Your fertility specialist will also examine your uterus. This process may involve doing tests like ultrasound, which uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of your uterus. These types of tests reveal the health and condition of your uterus and help your doctor to treat you well and also to determine the best way to implant embryos in your uterus. You will be briefed precisely before the IVF treatment starts at Indira IVF clinic in Panjim.

    Whereas, men need to go for sperm testing. In this process, a semen sample is taken which is analyzed in the lab for the number, size, structure and shape of the sperm. If the sperms are in weak condition or are damaged, then a process Intracytoplasmic sperm injection also known as ICSI might be necessary. In this process, a technician directly injects the sperm in the egg. ICSI can also be a part of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). You can go for this treatment with an affordable IVF cost in Panjim center of Indira IVF, the best IVF clinic in Panjim.

    Opting IVF is a completely personal decision and one should know each and everything before going for this. Some of the factors to be considered include-

    1 What will happen to the embryos left unused?

    2 How many embryos, the couple wishes to transfer?

    3 Does the transfer of more number of embryos increase the risk of multiple pregnancies? Because more than 2 embryos are not even recommended by most of the doctors.

    4 Your feeling towards the possibility of having twins or triplets?

    5 What about the legal and emotional issues related with using donated sperms, eggs, embryos or surrogacy?

    6 Information about financial, emotional and physical stresses associated with IVF?

    How In Vitro Fertilization is performed?

    This process includes 5 different steps.

    1Ovary Stimulation

    2 Egg Retrieval

    3 Insemination

    4 Embryo culture

    5 Embryo Transfer

    A Step by Step guide-

    Ovary Stimulation-

    Women normally produce a single egg during every monthly cycle. However, to go with the process of IVF, more number of eggs is required. The usage of multiple eggs enhances the probability of developing a viable embryo. You will be given various fertility drugs to increase the number of eggs more than your body naturally produces. During this duration, your IVF specialist in Panjim fertility clinic will perform regular blood tests and ultrasound tests to monitor the production of eggs which will help your doctor to know when will be right time to retrieve them.

    Egg Retrieval-

    Also known as follicular aspiration, egg retrieval is a surgical procedure performed post giving anesthesia. In this step, your IVF specialist will use an ultrasound wand to guide a needle through the vagina into the ovary and then into an egg containing follicle. The needle will then suction eggs and fluid out of each follicle.


    In this step, the male partner will need to give a semen sample. The egg will be then mixed with the sperm in a Petri dish. If that too doesn’t produce embryos, your IVF doctor in Panjim center may decide to use Inter cytoplasmic sperm injection.

    Embryo Culture-

    Your IVF doctor in Panjim center will monitor the fertilized eggs so as to ensure that they are dividing and developing in the required way. At this time, the embryos may have to undergo testing for genetic conditions.

    Embryo Transfer-

    For the embryos to be implanted, they need to be big enough. This normally happens 3-5 days post fertilization. The process of implantation involves inserting of a thin tube into the vagina via cervix to the uterus. Post this; the doctor can release the embryo into the uterus. Pregnancy occurs when the embryo gets implanted in the uterine wall. This step can take up to duration of 6-10 days. After this, a blood test will be the determiner of your pregnancy.

    What is the long- term outlook?

    Going with the process of In Vitro Fertilization, and to try it again after the first attempt wasn’t successful, can be an incredibly tough decision coming with bouts of stress and depression. The financial, physical and emotional toll of this process can be very hard to face. But, to come out of this dilemma and to again opt for this, can be the best choice because just a single failed attempt cannot decide that you cannot have a baby rather it shows that miracles take time. For the solution of all of your problems, we have the best IVF doctor in Panjim center at the best IVF hospital in Goa.

    Talk to your doctor extensively to determine what can be the best option for you and your family. Is in vitro fertilization the right path for you and your family? Talk to the doctor and explain everything to him so that he can help you better. Also, you can seek a counselor to help you and your partner during this process in fertility center in Panjim, Goa.

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