Which is the best IVF clinic in India and why?

April 9, 2020

Best IVF Clinic in India

Author Name: Dr. Swaroopa || Mentor Name: Dr. Pratibha Singh on April 09, 2020

In India there are about 20,000 IVF centers. So for a couple it becomes difficult to choose which one is the best and how to decide upon this. For common people to understand which IVF center is best, first of all they must be aware of certain facts about an IVF center.

The back bone of any IVF clinic are the embryology lab, embryologist and a doctor who is specialized in infertility treatment. Behind any IVF clinic there are certain factors which make it better than others! Let’s find out what are those points.

1. The foundation of the clinic: location, accessibility, infrastructure and the hygiene and sanitation of the clinic are important factors for an IVF centre. Any clinic in the basement or ground floor are prone to pollution and bad air quality which may hamper the embryo formation and growth. Indira Ivf has almost 80+ branches in India and every branch is located in the prime location of the city/town which makes it easily accessible. Each clinic has enough space and is very well planned keeping in mind the cleanliness, hygiene , ventilation, and safety of the patients which gives a positive vibe to them.

2. Latest equipments and technologies: Ranging from USG machine ,to OTs equipped with best quality operating tools, well set embryology labs having latest and the best quality ICSI Machines, incubators, culture media, closed working chambers to maintain the quality of gametes to ICSI machine, these all play a very important role in the success of an IVF center.

All Indira Ivf clinics pan India are equipped with the latest technologies which also include blastocyst culture of embryos, laser-assisted hatching (LAH), facility for genetic screening of the embryos in couples with genetic diseases, oocyte, sperm and embryo freezing and electronic witness system in lab to remove even the remote possibility of gamete mixing.
Indira IVF is the Pioneer of Both Closed working chambers and RI witness system in India which is still not available at most IVF clinics pan India.

3. Staff : Success of any organization depends on its team and how the members co ordinates with one another to run it smoothly . Many IVF centres do batching and embryologists are available only at the time of egg pickup and embryo transfer. This leads to crowding and thus hampers the quality. Also the labs of such clinics do not check the air quality and cleanliness on daily basis and hence the results are compromised .

One of the most significant feature of Indira IVF is its enthusiastic team which work with full co operation with each other to take full care of the patients with dedication and compassion. It also has full time embryologists and24*7 working labs and advanced monitoring system. So it’s a perfect blend of manpower and latest technologies for better patient satisfaction and overall better success rate.

4. Doctors : The qualification and experience of doctors do matter but most important is their dedication to infertility treatment.
Indira IVF runs a full flagged Academy, IFA (Indira Fertility Academy) in Udaipur , where team of specialized doctors train the doctors which includes both theory classes and hands on training. It is claimed to be one of the best training center for budding gynaecologists. This learning continues at all centers through digital connection so that post training too all of them have the knowledge of recent advances in their fields. Doctors in Indira Ivf are fully dedicated to infertility treatment.

5.Success rate: It is the most important factor which one should see before choosing the IVF centre. Indira ivf has a success rate of around 70 %.Till now more than 50000 couples have got their bundle of joy by getting treated at around 80 centes of Indira IVF pan India.

5. Affordability : For many people cost becomes the major issue while choosing the IVF centre. To overcome this problem Indira ivf has started loan facility which is given at 0% interest. There are also many discounted packages to relieve the financial burden of the couple.

6. Councelling : in India infertility is a social taboo. Most couple get frustrated with repeated testing and many inappropriate treatments. They sometimes go into depression. They are completely exhausted mentally and financially. In this scenario, the counselling of such couples becomes very important. In Indira ivf, the counselling of couple is the major part of treatment. The couples are not only enlightened about various aspects of infertility and IVF process but also counselled about their emotional doubts and apprehensions before, during and after treatment.

7. Reviews : Nowadays before going to any place like restaurant or shop or before buying any product one always checks the online review. So is the case with IVF centres. In reviews some good and some bad points are written. But one should see for what points good is written. If the reviews about the result, behavior of staffs, doctors, facilities, equipments, latest technologies are good, then that points out the best centre.

In nutshell, the clinics with one of the best ambience , well trained and professional staff with warm gesture for the patients, very well trained and specialized Doctors and Embryologists, 24 hrs support system for the patients undergoing treatment, well equipped with the latest technology Embryology labs with closed working chambers and RI witness system at every clinic to remove even the remote possibility of gamete mixing , and all these facilities at the prices which are affordable to the every class of society is what that makes INDIRA IVF CENTER as the best IVF clinic pan India.

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