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Unknown causes of a miscarriage - Hormonal Issues, Collagen vascular diseases, Structural Problems, Problems with immunity, Smoking infertility, Uncontrolled Diabetes, Endometriosis, Poor egg quality

Every new mother wishes and does her best to keep her child healthy and safe. But, unfortunately, some women face unavoidable circumstances and may experience loss of pregnancy.

Dr. Manjula B.C. (IVF specialist, INDIRA IVF, BANGALORE) reveled, “If the miscarriage occurs in the first trimester, i.e., 12 weeks within the pregnancy, it is known as spontaneous abortion. It is said that almost 80% of miscarriages take place during this period.

Sometimes the causes of miscarriage are very uncommon, and you may not know about them. However, as we all know prevention is better than cure. Knowing about them will at least give you an idea on how you can reduce the risks and keep yourself, and your unborn baby healthy.

Collagen vascular diseases

This disease can occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. During this disease, your immune system starts to attack its own organs; therefore, the body will start producing antibodies against its own tissues.

The Medica- a Journal of Clinical Health associates the Collagen vascular disease with loss of pregnancy and abnormalities of the fetus. A simple blood test can help identify this disease. Once the disorder is detected, your doctor will be able to start timely treatments before any causes of miscarriage occurs.

Hormonal Issues

It sounds like such a tiny problem, but unfortunately, hormonal factors, such as Thyroid diseases, polycystic hormone syndrome, etc., may enhance the risks of a miscarriage.

Also, when progesterone, a hormone, is produced in small amounts because of a glitch in the corpus luteum, even this condition can cause a miscarriage in the first trimester and this disorder is known as Luteal Phase Defect. Progesterone is necessary for a successful pregnancy.

It helps with the efficient implantation of the embryo in the uterine lining. But, with inadequate amounts of progesterone, the implantation may not take place perfectly.

With a blood test or endometrial biopsy, Luteal Phase Defect can be detected. If the levels of progesterone are very low, then your doctor might suggest progesterone supplements and other treatments to prevent a miscarriage.

Structural Problems

Dr. Nandini Devi (IVF specialist, INDIRA IVF, CHENNAI), explained, “If the shape or structure of the uterus is abnormal, such as the septate uterus, a bicornuate uterus, or even a unicornuate uterus, it may lead to a causes of miscarriage.

Problems with immunity

It is important to realize that immunity plays a major role in a woman’s pregnancy. Its responsibilities include protecting the fetus from infections, various bacteria, and viruses.

Therefore, if the woman’s immune system is weak or doesn’t function normally, it may not be able to look after the fetus and the chances of a miscarriage go up.


Women who smoke are more at a risk of going through a miscarriage when compared to women who don’t. According to American Society for Reproductive Medicine, smoking increases the risk of spontaneous miscarriage and even the possibility of an Ectopic Pregnancy.


Taking too much stress is not good for your health, especially if you are pregnant. Even the old wives’ tales associate bad mood with pregnancy risks.

There are various studies that have correlated miscarriages to stress. But, no conclusive results have been found. When you include stress as a risk factor, it is not the normal worries we are talking about.

When the stress becomes too difficult to handle and starts affecting your health, then, maybe your pregnancy is also at risk.

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Maintaining normal sugar levels becomes exceptionally important during your pregnancy.

Our body’s fuel is glucose; hence, for the efficient functioning of our system, we need insulin. When the sugar levels elevate, various complications arise, such as hypertension, polyhydramnios, birth defects, stillbirth, and miscarriage.

In order to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy and to help keep your baby safe, you must learn to control your blood sugar levels. First of all, you must visit your doctor, who will run the necessary tests and prescribe medications if necessary. Along with that, a healthy routine, with exercise and a well-balanced diet, will help you beat this disease.


Dr. Swathi Mothe (IVF specialist, INDIRA IVF, HYDERABAD), explained, “Today, endometriosis has become a common disorder, where the inner uterine lining starts to grow outside the uterus. In some women, endometriosis interferes with their fertility.

However, it is seen that once a woman with endometriosis becomes pregnant, the symptoms associated with this disorder goes down, only to return once the pregnancy term is complete. It was considered that if a woman suffering from endometriosis became pregnant, endometriosis will no longer affect her.

But, some studies have shown that causes of miscarriages in women with endometriosis occur because of the said condition. Therefore, it is important to talk to your healthcare professional to ensure the baby’s and your safety.

Poor egg quality

Low egg count or poor egg quality is becoming a common reason behind age-related infertility. Quality of eggs continuously decreases as woman age, which may be associated with miscarriage.

This happens as low-quality eggs lead to fetus with chromosomal abnormalities, which is the most common cause of miscarriage. In such cases, your doctor will suggest you to undergo ovarian reserve test and ultrasound, which helps predict whether a woman is suffering from low egg count or not.





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