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Treatment for high estrogen in females: High estrogen in women is a condition in which the sex hormone level is increased. Find out what causes high estrogen levels in women here.

Estrogen is a very important hormone in a female’s body. It is especially needed for the smooth functioning of the reproductive system, regulating the menstrual cycle, initiating the growth and development of different sexual organs, etc. Estrogen, along with progesterone and a few others are termed sex hormones in the female. These hormones must remain balanced in the body. 

Now, many people think that since estrogen is a female sex hormone, it is found only in women. Similarly, they also misunderstand that as testosterone is a male sex hormone, it is only found only in men. But this is not the case. Estrogen and testosterone are found both in men and women, but in different quantities. In women, the amount of testosterone is very less and similarly, in men, the level of estrogen is nominal. 

In this article, we will understand what causes high estrogen levels in females, symptoms, and problems due to an inflated amount of estrogen in the body, what is the treatment for high estrogen in females, etc. 

What is High Estrogen in Women?

Any sudden abnormal increase or decrease in estrogen hormone levels can lead to several health issues in men and women. If its quantity shoots up, and a severe imbalance is created between estrogen and other hormones in the body, then it is called estrogen dominance. This can cause multiple medical complications. Problems can also arise due to a condition called unopposed estrogen – a medical condition where there is no adequate quantity of progesterone in the body to balance out the effect of estrogen. Hence, the presence of estrogen becomes too high. 

Now, let us understand some problems that are associated with excess estrogen levels. 

- Abnormal growth or tumour in adrenal glands, ovaries, etc.
- Excessive pain during endometriosis
- Cancer in the breast, ovaries, or endometrium
- Insulin resistance
- Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), etc.

Even though these conditions may not necessarily be caused directly due to high estrogen in women, there are chances that the medical issue may worsen.

What causes High Estrogen Levels?

The estrogen levels are not always constant. Its quantity increases and decreases in the body with time and age. But sometimes, there are external causes of high estrogen in women. Some of these are discussed below. 

Natural Causes: 

In some people, the body has a natural tendency to produce estrogen in excess. This can cause the level of estrogen to scale up.


When women with symptoms of menopause undergo estrogen replacement therapy or other hormonal treatments to artificially compensate for the low estrogen production in the body, then under the effect of these medications, the estrogen level can heighten to a problematic level.

Low progesterone or testosterone:

When the production/quantity of other hormones in the body is very low, it will create a hormone imbalance. The result will be high estrogen levels as compared to progesterone or testosterone in the body.

Liver disorder: 

The body performs numerous functions in a day which should assist in keeping the quantity of estrogen in the body under control. The liver carries out the important task of metabolizing estrogen and ejecting it from the body regularly. 

Poor working of the liver, excess of bad gut bacteria, decreased quantity of digestive fluids and magnesium levels, etc. can also cause accumulation of estrogen in the body. 

Harmful food habits:

Certain habits like drinking too much alcohol can affect the body’s capacity to break down the components of estrogen hormones. This in return will cause it to keep collecting in the body and the estrogen level will rise. 


The level of progesterone in the body helps to balance out the estrogen levels. But when a person is in an extremely stressful situation, the body starts releasing a hormone called cortisol. The production of cortisol inhibits the production of progesterone in the body. This can lead to estrogen dominance.

Harmful toxins: 

The pesticides and other chemicals found in vegetables or fruits, eating the meat of animals who have been treated with growth injections, etc. can also cause disrupt the hormonal balance in our body. 

Body fat: 

The adipose tissues in the body have the property to release estrogen hormone. When there is excess fat in the body, the number of adipose tissues goes up, causing high estrogen secretion. 

What are the signs of High Estrogen in Women?

Now that we know what causes high estrogen in women, let us understand how the body reacts to it. 

Below are a few symptoms of estrogen dominance. 

- Abdominal bloating
- Excessive breast tenderness 
- Swelling or formation of lumps in the breast
- Reduced or lack of sexual desire
- Irregular periods
- Heightened signs of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
- Mood swings, anxiety, or panic attacks
- Tiredness, fatigue, headaches 
- Increase in the body weight

How to diagnose High Estrogen Levels in the body?

These signs are just a few examples of what happens if estrogen levels are high in females. In case you experience any of these conditions, it is better to visit a doctor and undergo a check-up. Doctors usually recommend taking a blood test to find out if the estrogen levels in our body are abnormal. There are also chances that you may have an abnormally low quantity of estrogen. 

What is the treatment for High Estrogen in Females?

It is very important to control estrogen dominance in the body to avoid the medical complications discussed above. Here are the most common lines of treatment prescribed by doctors. 


This is a non-medical yet very effective way of controlling estrogen levels in your body. These are a few changes that could prove very beneficial.

Reduce alcohol consumption: 

We have already seen how excessive alcohol consumption can prevent estrogen from getting out of the body. Hence, it is better to minimize its intake. 

Have healthy and nutritious food items:

The liver can easily break down and process estrogen better if you regularly consume fibre-rich products along with less processed sugar. Avoiding high-fat meals can also prove helpful.

Manage stress:

In our fast-paced life, it is almost impossible to avoid facing any stressful situation. But learning to manage stress effectively can help you lead a very healthy life. Avoiding unwanted stress can decrease the body’s production of cortisol and keep the estrogen and progesterone hormones well-balanced.


In case you are on medications for cancer or any other health condition, then, it is important to show the medical prescription to your doctor. If any medication that you are consuming increases estrogen levels in your body to increase, then your doctor will make the necessary modifications. This is especially needed if you have medical problems like cancer that are prone to spread or worsen due to high estrogen levels in the body.


In a female’s body, the maximum quantity of estrogen is produced in the ovaries. In case you are at a greater risk of developing ovarian or breast cancer, then doctors may advise oophorectomy – a surgery to remove both ovaries from the female’s body. This procedure can also be called surgical menopause. Another alternative to this is radiation therapy in the ovaries. It will stop their regular functioning and stop estrogen production. Such surgeries and therapies will not make you more prone to cancer or allow it to spread more. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can men also experience estrogen dominance?

Yes. As estrogen is also present in male bodies, they can experience estrogen dominance.

2. What are the symptoms of estrogen dominance seen in men?

A combination of several physical as well as psychological signs can be noticed in men during estrogen dominance, including weight gain around the abdomen, tiredness, trouble sleeping, low sexual drive, anxiety, etc.

3. What is the unit measuring estrogen levels in the blood?

Pictograms per millilitre (pg/mL) is the unit measuring estrogen level in your blood. A doctor will read the result and tell you if your estrogen levels are in the normal range or not.

4. Can high estrogen in the body cause fertility issues?

Very high levels of estrogen can lead to male infertility. To maintain good reproductive health, the quantity of estrogen in the body must be kept under control. 

How to seek help?

If you are concerned due to a delay in starting your family due to any such health problem, visit Indira IVF. Our 250+ fertility specialists, advanced ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), and patient-centric practices have helped more than 1,40,000+ infertile couples overcome infertility. To get expert fertility treatment like In vitro fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine insemination (IUI), ICSI treatment, etc. at affordable prices, visit your nearest Indira IVF centre.


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