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May 4, 2018


A lot of people get themselves examined once or twice a year by their doctor. A routine check-up entails some physical check-up, some questions and some blood tests. Usually, not much unhealthy revelations are made by these tests when it comes to young women. This happens probably because their bodies are young. They are active with a good diet consumption that enables quick healing and repair of the body. However, IVF specialists in Delhi suggest that a vital test that presents some critical information about the condition of the fertility of a female is missed in these tests and that is the AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) level test.

An AMH level test has several benefits when it comes to examining the fertility of a woman, state experts from the top fertility centers in Delhi. Some of these benefits are as follows-

  • An AMH level test analyzes the ovarian reserve of a woman and can be used to decipher the quantity of the egg cells present.
  • Women who wish to delay having a child can determine where their fertility stands and decide accordingly.
  • It provides a good index of the functioning of the ovaries.

The contemporary woman is unfazed by the unfair expectations of the society. She is determined to excel professionally without any haste to find love or get married and have children. These women accomplish great things in their lives, create a huge bank account and decide to start a family around mid thirties. But the only problem with this is that biology does not support such a lifestyle and around the thirties, the quality of a female’s egg cells starts depleting so much, so that they become incompetent to get fertilized and form an embryo.

Thus, it becomes important for women over 25 to get their AMH levels tested if they are planning to delay getting pregnant. Knowing the condition of their ovarian reserve and ovarian functioning helps them decide whether they can afford to wait and conceive naturally or should they get their healthy eggs frozen in the present. In this way, if in the future their eggs are not healthy enough or are of low quality, they would still have a way to conceive their own child using their frozen eggs.

Another advantage of getting an AMH level test is that if they are done regularly, then the results can be mapped and compared which would help analyze the development of the ovarian function. In case it is found that the condition of the ovarian reserve is depleting rapidly, which would be indicated by a dropping AMH level in the body, then action can be taken.

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