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Why Indira IVF is the Best Egg Donation Centre in India?

If you are looking for the best centre for Egg Donation in India, you have come to the right place.

Indira IVF is one of the best fertility clinics and egg donation centres in India because of its World class technology, state-of-the-Art infrastructure, and high IVF with egg donation success rates.

IVF treatments with egg donation have higher success rates than treatments performed with gametes of patients of higher age.

Various factors come into play for a successful pregnancy, and gametes play a considerable role for IVF treatment at Indira IVF. This results in a higher percentage of successful ART treatments with egg donation. 

This is because donors at Indira IVF are young people who have good health and are free from genetic abnormalities or diseases affecting their fertility.

Directions for Egg donation at Indira IVF-

Thousands of egg donation cycles are carried out each year in India, and hundreds of children are born through the same. Indira IVF is one of those clinics in India where maximum IVF treatments and egg donation cycles are performed.

The main reasons why women should opt for egg donation services or look for egg donor in India in order to become mothers are:

Advanced maternal age-

Over the years, the number and quality of eggs decrease. After the age of 35, it is more common for eggs to begin to accumulate mutations, which compromise the viability of embryos or even lead to repeated abortions. These include-

  1. Low reserve or lack of ovarian function
  2. Primary ovarian failure
  3. Premature ovarian failure
  4. Menopause or ovarian surgery

Genetic alterations-

In case of presentation of an inherited genetic disease that can be transmitted to the offspring and that cannot be detected by pre implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), the specialist doctors at Indira IVF recommends IVF with donor eggs without wasting your time, energy, and money.

Repeated failures of IVF with one's own eggs-

Poor response to ovarian stimulation, poor quality of eggs and/or embryos, failure of fertilization and/or implantation or repeated miscarriages are the main reasons why pregnancy may not be achieved as part of IVF treatment. In such cases, the doctors at Indira IVF inform their patients about IVF treatment with egg donation option.

In short, either due to the absence of eggs, or because of their poor quality, when a woman cannot get pregnant with her own eggs, she can resort to egg donation treatment to become a mother.

Evaluate the success or failure of a donation

Knowing the success rates of each assisted reproduction treatment is very useful for calculating the probabilities of getting pregnant using each of the possible techniques.

These rates are indicative and should not be the only selection criterion for choosing a fertility clinic, as basing decisions on statistics alone can easily be a source of error.
The first aspect to consider when comparing the results of different clinics is to ensure that the criteria taken into account are the same. Several types of rates can be used as indicators of success:

  • The pregnancy rate, which can be counted as soon as the positive pregnancy test is confirmed or on the contrary wait until weeks 8-12 of gestation.
  • The delivery rates.
  • The birth rate, which is the most important for future parents. It counts the number of children born alive.

Unfortunately, not every pregnancy comes to term, and the birth of the child does not always take place. This is why we must also pay attention to the rate of miscarriage and cessation of embryo development. But when it comes to Indira IVF, it has achieved the milestone of 1 Lakh+ successful IVF pregnancies so far with a record IVF success rate so you can be rest assured.

Another criterion to take into account is the number of fertility treatments performed by the clinic, because the data it presents are not necessarily representative.

For example, if a clinic performs only one treatment to a single patient during the whole year, the success percentage may be 100% or 0%. It is obvious that this data has no value since it comes from an isolated case.

The above-mentioned factors will help you decide what to look for in an IVF clinic and why Indira IVF is the best when it comes to IVF treatment with egg donation in India. Visit your nearest Indira IVF centre today!

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