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Donor Egg IVF Cost in India

IVF treatment with egg donation has undergone several changes in recent years.

Due to the shortage of women willing to donate their eggs, assisted reproduction clinics have been forced to design different egg donation modalities in order to optimize the process without decreasing success rates.
While in the past it was more common to perform fresh egg donation treatment, today the use of frozen eggs has also become common.

The approximate cost of the major fertility treatments in India varies depending on each clinic and the specific needs of each patient. In addition, reproductive treatment budgets may also vary depending on the services included and not included in the budget.
This is why it is always advisable to request an initial quote from the fertility clinic you are interested in, in order to evaluate the services included and not included in each treatment and also about the Egg Donor Price in detail. Also, during the fertilization process, unforeseen events may occur that change the final price of an assisted reproduction treatment.

Cost of IVF Treatment with Egg Donation -

Egg donation is where the recipient obtains all the eggs from the donor for in vitro fertilization.

Since egg donors are young women, the number of oocytes obtained during the follicular puncture is quite high.

The Female Egg Donor Price in India ranges from 2 Lakhs to 2.2 Lakhs per cycle. This cost includes the price of both IVF treatment and donor eggs. The following services which come under this process includes:

  • Controls during ovarian stimulation of the donor
  • Follicular puncture of the donor
  • Medical and psychological tests on the donor
  • Financial compensation for the donor
  • Sperm treatment for IVF
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo transfer to recipient

In addition, the recipient woman will need to take hormonal drugs to prepare the endometrium, which usually consist of progesterone and estradiol patches, which is not included in the egg donor cost. It needs to be paid separately.

Cost of IVF Treatment with Double Gamete Donation-

IVF treatment with double gamete donation is probably one of the most expensive procedures, because in this procedure, the recipient woman or couple needs both sperm and eggs from the donor to achieve pregnancy.

Therefore, the cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process with both egg and sperm donation is quite high when compared to the egg donation process alone.

What is the Egg Donor Cost at Indira IVF?

Fertility clinics usually do not provide estimates until the woman or couple has had an initial visit and specialists have made a full diagnosis to decide on the most appropriate type of treatment. 

However, we at Indira IVF, share an initial quote (approximate) for the convenience of our patients with complete transparency and for them to decide their treatment option with ease.

To know more about Indira IVF Donor Egg Cost and Process, visit your nearest Indira IVF centre today!

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