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Ovarian Cysts?

Ovarian cyst is the fluid filled sac in ovary. This is one among the most common abnormal condition found in ovary. There are many types of ovarian cysts.


Ovarian torsion: Medium size cyst having both solid areas and cystic areas are more likely to undergo twisting (ovarian torsion). Symptoms may include a sudden onset of severe pelvic pain in lower abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Ovarian torsion can decrease or stop blood flow to the ovaries, thus leading to total loss of viability of that ovary.

Rupture: A cyst may sometimes rupture. The larger the cyst, the greater the risk of rupture.

Haemorhage: Sometimes bleeding occurs inside cyst.

Malignant transformation, very rarely ovarian cyst can change to cancer. Cysts in post-menopausal lady are more likely to undergo cancerous transformation.

Ovarian cysts that can affect fertility include:

Endometriomas: Endometriomas are cysts caused by endometriosis, may be associated with fertility problems.

Ovarian cysts resulting from polycystic ovary syndrome. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is marked by many small cysts in ovaries, irregular periods and high levels of certain male hormones (androgen), increased insulin resistance, & obesity. PCOS is associated with irregular ovulation, which may contribute to problems with fertility.

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