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Electronic Witnessing System is a modern day application in IVF practice. It uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for tracking and recording patient’s information and the samples during the complete IVF process.

Indira IVF is the largest user of CooperSurgical’s RI Witness Technology®. With the aid of such cutting-edge technologies, it is our humble attempt to give equal access to all who trust us for their treatment and help put their mind at ease. It is by means of empathy and such meticulous standardisation processes that we have been able to attain a record ~74% success rate at Indira IVF so far.

With an increase in the number of ART cycles performed per month, clerical errors may take place. To diminish human errors, Indira IVF has incorporated RFID into the system that safeguards patient samples. Hence, we deployed EWS to ensure that lab stays compliant without any hassle.

To start with, a perfect flowchart of process flow was developed. Every clinical and lab processes were marked in order to create a standard operating procedure in the EWS or standardise its pattern and also to make it user-friendly. Implementing EWS into the system required patient education and their counselling to make sure that no compliance is left out from the patient’s side, and to ensure that the initiative is successfully implemented. At the same time, we also educated the entire hospital staff force to guarantee that they are well-trained to use EWS; this is the most important part to ensure compliance.

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