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Is blastocyst culture and transfer performed for all patients?

Yes, we perform blastocyst culture and transfer for all our patients. There is established proof that this process has significantly higher implantation and success rate in comparison to embryo transfer. Additionally, it promotes a single pregnancy, making it safer.

What is the difference between a fresh transfer and a frozen transfer?

A fresh transfer requires the ART procedure to be performed from start to finish. This would include stimulating the ovaries to develop eggs, ovum pickup as well as collecting the semen sample followed up with IVF/ICSI, blastocyst culture, PGT, blastocyst selection, uterus preparation, and blastocyst transfer. In a frozen cycle, since the best blastocysts are already selected before freezing in liquid nitrogen, only uterus preparation and transfer procedures need to be done.

What is the difference between embryo transfer and blastocyst transfer?

Embryo transfer is performed on the third day after fertilisation has taken place. In the human body, the embryo doesn’t implant at this time but after the blastocyst stage has been reached. Whereas in blastocyst transfer, the embryo is allowed to develop for two more days to the blastocyst stage where a) only the best embryos are able to reach the stage, and b) implantation takes place soon after. In embryo transfer, two or three embryos may be transferred to increase chances of implantation for the best embryo however, only one blastocyst is transferred as the process of ‘natural selection’ is already in play.

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