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What is Hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is a procedure that enables the surgeon to view the internal structures of your uterine cavity without the need for an incision.

  • There is no particular preparation to plan before a hysteroscopy, in particular it is not necessary to take analgesics (painkillers) or antibiotics, because the examination is not painful and the risk of infection (except in special cases) is very exceptional. 

  • After a hysteroscopy, it is advisable to monitor the vaginal bleeding. Moderate bleeding, however, is normal, so it is best to use light protection for the hours that follow. 

  • Though many gynaecologists ensure that sports activity and sexual intercourse can be resumed after the bleeding has stopped but our experts suggest not having sexual intercourse, not to put on tampons and not to go to the swimming pool to limit the risk of infection until the check-up appointment.  

  • A consultation with the gynecologist between 15 days-3 weeks after the procedure is recommended. Then, if all goes well, an annual gynecological follow-up is sufficient.

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