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Is Hysteroscopy painful?

Hysteroscopy is considered painless. In some very sensitive women, local anesthesia may be offered. The pain resembles to the pain which is felt during menstruation or the installation of an IUD.

How to prepare for a hysteroscopy?

For a diagnostic hysteroscopy, no preparation is necessary. You don't need to be fasting either: you can eat and drink normally. Consider bringing: The letter from your doctor and your prescriptions. Your blood test results. Report: If you are allergic. Your medical and surgical history. The date of your last period.

Is there any special preparation required?

No, there is no special preparation required except for postmenopausal women who must take hormonal treatment for the 3 days preceding the examination in order to open the cervix. In addition, this examination is preferably carried out during the first part of the cycle and outside the periods. The presence of an IUD is not a problem.

How long does this process take? 

Two to three minutes for the exam itself. It takes half an hour in total.

Why is Hysteroscopy performed?

Hysteroscopy can be performed for 2 reasons: - For diagnostic purposes- It can be performed in the gynecologist's clinic, without or under local anesthesia, to detect a possible lesion; -For therapeutic purposes- It is performed in the operating room, under general anesthesia, to treat a previously diagnosed lesion.

What are the risks of a hysteroscopy?

They are few and often not serious: Uterine exploration can irritate the wall and cause minor bleeding. The most serious complication is the infection of the uterus but it remains exceptional. If pain or fever appears in the days following the examination, consult your doctor as soon as possible

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