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Typically the list of dos and don'ts for someone going through ICSI is same as that of one going through an IVF cycle. Here are a few-


Keep an Eye on What You Eat and Drink- What one consumes has an impact on sperm count and delivery. As a result, it's important to see their doctor at least three months before the scheduled IVF/ICSI procedure and acquire a recommended diet chart to assist the boost of fertility.

Concentrate on Proteins– Protein is regarded as a superfood that can help improve one’s overall health as well as the quality of your sperm. This will ensure that one can offer the best sample possible on the day your IVF process begins.


Reduce intake of alcohol- One of the recommended methods to aid the process along is to refrain from alcohol for at least three months before the intended IVF treatment.

Quit Smoking- Numerous scientific research and data show that smoking has a negative influence on all elements of the human body. However, the consequences for one’s reproductive health are the most serious and frequently irreversible. While stopping smoking before one’s treatment may seem like too little, every little bit helps.

Tools to help you plan better

Get quick understanding of your fertility cycle and accordingly make a schedule to track it

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