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Hormonal support and medications 

Whether after a transfer of fresh or frozen embryo(s), you must continue the hormonal support indicated by your doctor until 10 weeks of pregnancy. The same goes for taking folic acid. 



It is important to avoid baths, swimming pools, SPAs and saunas during the 2 weeks after the process. However, you can take showers. 



You can return to work after the embryo(s) transfer. There is no indication to a particular rest. 


Exercise, hydration and diet 

Intense exercises are to be avoided, however, active mobilization (walking) is recommended. 

It is also important to stay well hydrated (about 2 liters of water per day). 

As for food, the same recommendations as for a pregnant woman remain valid, namely to wash fruits and vegetables well, to cook meat well (avoid raw meat and raw fish) as well as to avoid contact directly with cats or cat litter. 



It is best to avoid sexual intercourse for 2 days after the embryo transfer. 

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