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How Laser assisted hatching is better than other methods?

Laser-assisted hatching requires fewer manipulations of the embryo than other methods, is faster than other methods, and as a result, the embryo spends less time outside of the incubator. This technique is obviously practiced only on embryos that are intended for transfer.

Which cases benefit the most from this technique?

• In older women with high FSH hormone levels on day 3. • If the embryos obtained are of poor quality (excessive fragmentation or slow rate of cell division) • Embryos that have a thick outer shell (zona pellucida is swollen). • After several In-Vitro Fertilization failures.

What are the benefits and results?

Some published studies have shown that pregnancy rates for IVF procedures with assisted hatching are higher than IVF without assisted hatching. However, there is no formal study demonstrating an advantage to the routine use of this process.

Does assisted hatching improve the chances of success?

The purpose of hatching is to help the embryo get rid of the envelope that surrounds it to promote implantation. It can increase pregnancy rates but it’s not necessary in all the cases. However, a doctor can recommend LAH, if multiple IVF cycles fail.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Laser Assisted Hatching is around INR 10,000- 20,000/-.

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