IVF – Sturdy Suggestions to Combat Emotional Upheavals

May 5, 2018

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Infertile couples are often at the lowest ebb as far their emotional ecosystem is concerned. Their dream of parenthood being at stake, anxiety about the future, speculation from relatives, and social pressure make it tough for them to retain their composure. It takes enormous mental puissance and a bit of savoir-faire to thwart rampant despondency and maintain a sense of equilibrium during the IVF treatment.

Women especially tend to get crestfallen and grim as being Mother is their most cherished dream. Here are a few suggestions to keep the chin up when the chips are down:

1.  Thwart Aloofness: The infertile women have to face a string of issues, like pejorative remarks, unwarranted nosy parkers, condescending questions, and above all the feeling of being an object of ridicule by a conservative section of society which still considers infertility a stigma. Due to these factors, infertile women feel unwanted and completely isolate themselves from the rest of the people. A sense of paranoia sets in and they feel that people are deliberately picking on them. Eventually, they become aloof and recluse while wallowing in self-pity. This only leads to grinding despondency and only compounds matters. They must instead reach out to their well-wishers and those who are empathetic by nature. There are many people who are well-disposed and educated and understand the travails of others. Instead of completely isolating themselves, infertile women must meet and interact with such affable folks to stave off gloom.

2.  Live in Day-Tight Compartments: There is a saying in English, “An Empty Mind is Devil’s Workshop”. One conceives and spins off various preposterous theories when one is completely idle. Since infertile women are emotionally fragile, they are prone to toss off wild conspiracy theories. These theories then result in imaginary fears and trepidation which have nothing to do with reality. Hence to avoid the gratuitous churning of mind, they must keep themselves busy. The right way is to chalk out a water-tight schedule and then follow it rigorously. Indulging in fruitful activities and endeavors will benefit them intellectually as well as financially so they will have no time to dwell broodingly and get overwrought.

3.  Research: Infertility is one subject about which common people have little knowledge. Hence, it’s better to research on the subject and rack up insights rather than being unremittingly anxious and jittery. When one indulges in thorough research on a subject and gleans valuable information, half of the worries subside in the light of knowledge, and one is more assured and enlightened. It holds true especially for infertile women who wish to undergo treatment. They must do their share of research on the subject so that there are no unwarranted jitters and expectations. One also must visit different IVF clinics and talk to a lot of doctors before zeroing on a particular clinic which they think is the best option. They can also consult experts and other patients who had gone through the same treatment. Their experience and suggestions would be of great value.

A lot of quality material is available on the Internet and that makes it easier to find out about the subject and the best IVF clinics. Knowing the subject matter like the back of your hand is an antidote to despair and also serves as a road map for the impending treatment.

4.  Maintain Composure: It is understandable that one goes through an array of emotions during the infertility treatment. There are a lot of emotions attached to it as the dream of parenthood is at stake and every couple wants to come out with flying colours. There are several stages of the infertility treatment and whole procedure is tad complicated. During that period, it is essential for the women to maintain sangfroid and do not get swayed by the sweeping emotions. Maintaining equilibrium is half the battle won as one knows that the doctor has given his/her best and they too have co-operated in the best possible way. In this situation, one can do nothing else but just to cross their fingers and hope for the best possible outcome. Whether the result is favorable or not, there must not be a blame game, slanging match, or excessive heartburn.

5.  Never-Say-Die Attitude: Like all other medical treatments, infertility treatment and IVF treatment do not have a 100% success rate. One must bear this in mind while opting for infertility or IVF treatment that there is no guarantee of success. While cutting-edge equipment and competent doctors ensure quality treatment which enhances the chances of success, not all cases are successful. Hence one must be realistic and pragmatic in their approach and should not harbor unrealistic expectations.

Also, one should not get disheartened if the IVF cycle comes a cropper; there is always a second chance. The success might not come in the first attempt, but such is the nature of infertility treatment that in many cases success is attained in the second or third attempt. However, one must candidly consult a doctor and other experts before taking the plunge for the second time. Also, one failure is not the end of life; there are several reasons to cherish and relish the splendor of life. Fleeting disappointment is inevitable but one must not let degenerate it into perpetual distress and melancholy.

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