Low AMH : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

May 4, 2018

low amh

Low AMH: An Overview

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) level is a creditable barometer to gauge state of ovarian reserve among women. Low AMH level suggests that women’s ovarian reserve is rapidly declining and they must immediately seek fertility treatment if they are trying to get pregnant. Hence, through AMH level, quality and quantity of eggs can be determined which point to how urgently treatment is required.

Low AMH and Pregnancy

Low AMH is not exactly the cause of infertility but an indicator of state of ovarian reserve. Depleted ovarian reserve leads to problems pertaining to pregnancy and infertility. If the number of eggs or if there are no eggs in ovarian reserve, chances of getting pregnant take a beating. That is why women with low AMH level must seek treatment without any delay. This holds true more for older women (who are over 35 or 40). Among younger women, there have been many cases when women have not faced hassles in getting pregnant despite low AMH level.

Causes of Low AMH

Hormonal Imbalance
Genetic factor
Environmental causes
Unknown (Idiopathic)

Symptoms of Low AMH

Low AMH does not have any overt or explicit symptoms but irregular periods or stopping of periods is something that many women with Low AMH cop. Blood test is the most effective way to assess AMH level.

Treatments for Low AMH

Natural Treatment
DHEA; 25 mg thrice a day
Wheat germ daily
Fertility massage

IVF – IVF is a potent option for women with poor ovarian reserves as it (IVF) can make optimal usage of few eggs that are left in ovary. But if there are no or very, very little eggs, the result might not be on positive side.

Donor Eggs – Women who are suffering from infertility due to low AMH can opt for IVF with Donor eggs to conceive because donor eggs has good success rate and is advisable for women with very few or no eggs in ovaries.

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