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PLI (LIT) Therapy FAQs

What is Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) Therapy?

PLI Therapy is a type of immunological treatment aimed at helping women who have suffered from recurrent unexplained miscarriages. Reproductive immunology suggests that a foetus can be rejected by the immune cells in the mother’s body. To combat this, the lymphocytes from the father are injected into the mother to help her avoid an immune response against the foetus.

Why is PLI Therapy done?

Women who go through pregnancy losses without any explanation may benefit from PLI (LIT) therapy. If a woman has certain excessive immunological mechanisms that can make the uterus unfavourable for the foetus, resulting in miscarriage; with PLI Therapy, the woman’s body can get used to the foreign cells and avoid miscarriage.

Can Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) help everyone going through recurrent pregnancy losses?

Not every woman suffering from Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) will be prescribed Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) Therapy. Those who really benefit from the procedure are women whose immune system is responsible for miscarriages.

Is PLI (LIT) Therapy painful?

This is one of the most common frequently asked questions about PLI (LIT) Therapy. PLI is a simple procedure that involves injecting lymphocytes into the intended mother. Patients may feel slight pinching during the injecting process. They also feel pain and itching at the site of the injection later on, but no unbearable pain.

What are the risks associated with PLI?

Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) is essentially a safe procedure. The risks associated with it are much like any other vaccine. These may include itching, redness, swelling or blisters at the site of the injection or even mild fever.

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