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What is the PLI (LIT) Therapy Procedure?

PLI Therapy Procedure involves injecting white blood cells from the prospective father in order to get the woman's immune system ready for pregnancy.

It is done for the condition known as Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) which is characterised by two or more unsuccessful pregnancies. As pregnancy tissues result from the mother's and the father's genes, the PLI (LIT) Therapy Process helps the mother's immune system build immunologic tolerance to the genetically foreign pregnancy tissues. It is done to introduce the husband's immune cells and acclimatise them with the wife's immune system for pregnancy. After this injection, the couple is instructed to wait for four weeks before actively trying to get pregnant. Women are then expected to become pregnant during the course of one year. As there are no long-term negative effects and it is extremely successful, the Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) Therapy is quite safe.

How is PLI Therapy Performed?

In the PLI, white blood cells known as lymphocytes are utilised to carry out the procedure. The potential father is typically chosen as the donor of the lymphocytes. However, the doctors may also take the lymphocytes from the sperm donor if the baby is being born with the help of IVF using donor sperm.

Prior to the PLI (LIT) therapy, the fertility doctors make a concentrated lymphocyte solution from the collected blood sample. The doctor will then inject the concentrated solution of white blood cells into the potential mother with a series of shallow injections into the forearms. A 3–4 week interval separates the two treatments that are given.

The patient receives only one series of injections during the Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization Process. Prior to PLI, the LAD test, also known as Leukocyte Antibody Detection, is performed. If the LAD is negative, then only therapy is allowed. Even in the early stages of treatment, the mother might need booster therapy. Before giving their blood, blood donors must go through a thorough screening. Most patients do not have any adverse effects during the procedure; however, there may be some redness and itching at the injection site.

Indira IVF has been successfully treating numerous couples with the serious issue of recurrent miscarriages with the help of Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) treatment. Our certified fertility experts have years of experience in dealing with fertility issues and treating immunological problems.

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