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What is the PLI (LIT) Therapy Success Rate in India?

Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) is generally recommended for patients who have had Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL). This procedure is done to help the mother's body prepare for the father's foreign tissue.

The procedure involves taking white blood cells from the prospective father and injecting them into the mother. It allows the maternal immune system to prepare itself for pregnancy and reduces the chances of any complications or pregnancy loss.

While the effectiveness of PLI Therapy has been debated for many years, studies show that in several cases, there was a notable increase of 8%-10% in the probability of live birth after performing the PLI (LIT) therapy.

Factors Affecting Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) Therapy Success Rates

PLI Therapy Success Rates may vary for different women due to several factors, including their age, compatibility with introduced lymphocytes, immune system, age, etc. However, it must be noted that not all patients with RPL are prescribed the PLI therapy. 

PLI (LIT) Therapy Success Rate is dependent on several factors. It has been seen that success rates with Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) Therapy are much higher when patients with immune abnormalities try this therapy. PLI therapy is shown to have higher success rates with the following:

  • Patients with immune abnormalities.
  • With fresh lymphocytes as opposed to refrigerated ones.

Some patients show a better response even when a low dose of lymphocytes is administered. In many cases, the birth rate was improved by a good margin with even single session.

Patients suffering from recurrent pregnancy losses may visit their nearest Indira IVF clinic and consult with our fertility specialists to see if Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization – PLI (LIT) Therapy is a recommended option for them.

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