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    With the opening of Karimnagar centre, Telangana owns its 5th Indira IVF clinic and India owns its 96th Fertility centre.

    Like all the other Indira IVF centres pan India, we are equipped with world-class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Karimnagar centre too. We cater for a host of infertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching, Cryopreservation, IUI, Blastocyst culture and transfer, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, donor programs etc.

    Over the past few years, 85000+ successful IVF cycles have been performed across 95 IVF centres pan India with a record IVF success rate.

    Let’s know how the process of IVF is carried out at Indira IVF Karimnagar centre?

    Couple evaluation-

    The assessment of the woman and man (couple) should be carried out by a specialist experienced in the subject. Certain hormonal tests (such as AMH, TSH, Prolactin), a check with ultrasound as well as a full consultation of gynecology, a uterine film with drugs to evaluate the tubes, the spermogram and certain blood tests are generally sufficient for a first assessment, stated Dr. Venukonti Meenarsi (Centre Head, Indira IVF clinic in Karimnagar).

    Ovarian stimulation-

    The most suitable treatment protocol for you is determined taking into consideration your examination results and your previous treatments. Ultrasounds and blood tests will be required at regular intervals at the start of treatment and during treatment (3 to 4 ultrasounds over a period of 11 to 13 days and 2 blood tests will generally be necessary for short protocols), confirmed, Dr. Venukonti Meenarsi (Centre Head, Indira IVF centre in Karimnagar).

    Egg Retrieval-

    Egg collection is a painless procedure that requires a short period of 10 to 15 minutes using anaesthetic drugs applied by intravenous anaesthesia.

    On the day of egg collection, a sperm sample will be taken from your partner and will be prepared before fertilization and those of better quality are intensified. Sexual abstinence for 2-3 days before the process is recommended for your partner to be able to use young and mobile sperm, said Dr. Venukonti Meenarsi (Centre Head, Indira IVF, IVF treatment in Karimnagar).


    The fertilization of the eggs with the sperm is carried out by the embryologist in the laboratory. The ova collected are placed in special culture dishes and a sufficient number of sperm is placed around each ovum and it is expected that the sperm fertilizes the ovum. The process of fertilization is evaluated under a microscope 16 to 18 hours after the process, stated Dr. Venukonti Meenarsi (Centre Head, Indira IVF clinic in Karimnagar).

    Monitoring embryos in the laboratory-

    The embryologist checks whether fertilization takes place 16-18 hours after mixing of gametes. The embryos are monitored by a special incubator, shared Dr. Venukonti Meenarsi (Centre Head, Indira IVF Test tube baby centre in Karimnagar)

    Embryo transfer-

    The time of the embryo transfer will be fixed and carried out by your doctor. If your intrauterine wall or hormone level is not appropriate, the transfer may be postponed to the next month and your embryos may be kept frozen,

    If you have good quality embryos after transfer, you can freeze them and keep them, explained Dr. Venukonti Meenarsi (Centre Head, Indira IVF, IVF cost in Karimnagar).

    Assessment of transfer result-

    The result of the treatment can be known thanks to a beta HcG test carried out on average 12 days after the treatment. You must share your results with your doctor timely.

    If you, your partner or anyone you know is suffering from infertility and searching for the best IVF doctor in Karimnagar or the best fertility clinic in Karimnagar, then visit our newly opened fertility clinic and get the right treatment for all your infertility problems.

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