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How do I prepare for IVF or Preparing for IVF treatment well in advance is a certain way to increase one’s chances of conceiving. Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Knowledge

How do I prepare for IVF?

Preparing for IVF treatment well in advance is a certain way to increase one’s chances of conceiving. According to the top IVF specialists from the most renowned fertility hospitals and clinics, some of the steps that patients can undertake prior to going for IVF are mentioned below-

  • Exercise – exercising and remaining active is not just good for fertility health but also for the health of the entirety of the body. It opens up the muscles and makes them flexible. Furthermore, it regulates blood flow in the body. This makes the body much more responsive to medications given during the treatment.
  • Yoga- yoga may come under the same umbrella as exercising. However, yoga is much more than just something that improves the flexibility and endurance of the body. It calms the mind and creates an emotional balance amongst the people who do it. It harmonizes the whole body and lots of regular practice prevents the person from the maximum amounts of diseases also, it also strengthens the immunity system.
  • Meditation – just like yoga, meditation helps to calm the mind and releases any stress damaging it. It improves concentration and regulates breathing as well as blood circulations that help make the body tremendously responsive to medications. Any condition which is caused by stress can be lightened by meditation.
  • Knowledge – today, one can gain an immense amount of knowledge through the countless amounts of information sources available to the common man such as the internet, books, magazines, pamphlets and more. Therefore, a potential IVF patient or infertile couple can gain adequate information even before they approach a doctor. This helps in preparing them well for what is to come and also easily cooperate well with the doctor throughout the treatment. In addition, there are a lot of websites with genuine and authentic information regarding infertility in the form of articles, blogs and more. Adding to this are various threads, discussion portals, Q & As and even videos available on the internet that provide information to the people & they get a personalized session of learning every time they go online wherein they can clear their doubts with the assistance of expert doctors as well as experienced IVF patients or other infertile couples. Also, this helps them get rid of the feeling of loneliness and isolation regarding their fertility hence, increasing their confidence.




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