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What is IUI Technique? IUI is an effective treatment for women who have infertility. Read more to learn about the techniques used for IUI treatment at Indira IVF!


Techniques used for IUI, Intrauterine insemination is the process of placing the sperm into a woman’s womb when she ovulates. This procedure has been come out as a savior for the couples suffering from the problems like unexplained infertility, women with cervical mucus or low motility of sperms.

IUI is often merged with more than one fertility drugs which often increases the chances of conceiving. Before this process, it is important to evaluate that fallopian tubes must be healthy and open. And, evaluate themselves for any kind of infection or other hormonal problems.

This could be done by using hysterosalpingogram, which is classified as a form of X-ray. It locates if any blockage or problem present inside the uterus or the fallopian tube. Techniques used for IUI is not for women having adhesions in their tube because that block the path for the egg to travel from ovary to uterus.

If the male partner is inseminating, he has to produce a specimen to doctor which is then prepared for the IUI process. The specimen given from the sperm donor or the male partner is then separated and out of which motile sperms are selected and concentrated into a small volume.

The procedure of separation cleanses all the toxins present in the specimen. Insemination is done at the time of ovulation, which could be predicted either by a urine test, ultrasound or a blood test.

There are numerous factors that should be taken in count while deciding for the fertility treatments amongst which medical history, age, and type of infertility are the utmost important factors. Some fertility treatments could burn a hole into your pocket but IUI isn’t one of them.

At the present day, it is one of the most popular treatments with a 10-15% success rate and very reasonable cost. IUI is also done with specially prepared sperm donated by the third party. The sperm bank sends the already prepared sperms for Techniques used for IUI to the doctors’ clinic.


It depends upon the particular fertility problem faced by numerous people. Sometimes fertility drugs are also needed alongside the IUI treatment. Intake of fertility drugs is also referred to as stimulating cycles as it stimulates the ovulation process and if there is no intake of fertility drugs, then it is known as unstimulating/natural ovulation.

Stimulating ovulation is not for those couples in which only a single person is having a fertility problem as in this situation intake of fertility drugs increases the rate of multiple pregnancies which may lead to pregnancy complications.

If the fertility specialist offers IUI at the time of the stimulated cycle, fertility drugs shall be given in the form of an injection or a tablet near the starting of the menstrual period to stimulate one’s ovaries as to develop one’s eggs for the fertilization.

On the other hand unstimulating ovulation, Techniques used for IUI is set to carry out at the time of the natural ovulation cycle. People may be asked for the detection of ovulation using the prediction kit or the specialist may track the same using ultrasound or the blood test.

IUI treatment is generally conducted between the day 12 or day 16 of the natural menstrual period but the appropriate day will depend upon one’s individual cycle. To conduct insemination at the best time an ultrasound scan could help to check whether the egg is mature or not.

Within 24 to 40 hours of HCG injection, sperm is inserted into the uterus. The male partner is then asked to provide a sample of sperms which will then undergo the process of separation and cleansing for the extraction of best quality motile sperm.
The doctor then starts the process of IUI by putting the sperm directly in the uterus nearby the fallopian tube ( a passage for an egg to travel from an ovary to the uterus), using a tube known as a catheter through the cervix.

A person having unexplained infertility then the sperm might be inserted with a comparatively larger volume of fluid which allows a wash up into the fallopian tube.

This IUI technique could take a few minutes than usual and may lead to increase the success rates. After IUI treatment, adequate rest is recommended and one can track a pregnancy test in two weeks.

The Intrauterine insemination treatment of infertility is a comparatively safe and simple procedure with low risks of serious complications. While some risks include:

– INFECTIONS: A very slight risk of infection could develop due to the result of the process.
– MULTIPLE PREGNANCY: TWINS!! TRIPLETS!! As discussed above, infertility drugs increase the risk of multiple pregnancies and pregnancy complications like early labor and low birth weight but, IUI technique itself does not associate with the risk of multiple pregnancies.
-SPOTTING: The procedure of placing catheter sometimes causes small wounds and a little amount of vaginal bleeding which usually doesn’t effect on the chances of pregnancy.



In this technique, semen samples are kept inside the incubator for a while to complete the liquefaction and then sperm preparation technique is initiated.

An appropriate amount of semen is taken from the sample to assess motility and sperm count before the process of preparation. After the evaluation of the sample based on microscope, the remaining is washed with the swim-up IUI technique.

The method based on SWIM-UP technique, which is also known as the separation of sperms starts by taking a sample of the semen into a conical tube followed up by adding a diluted medium then centrifuging the mix for a while.

The unsinkable particles are then extracted and the tube is then placed tilted in a tube stand. A sample is again taken out from the unsinkable fluid to check the sperm count and motility. After a while, the tube is ready for the insemination.


In this technique, the gradient solution is made up of the mixture of bicarbonate and silane coated with colloid silica solution. This solution is being diluted with some chemical to produce two different amounts of concentrations of the gradient solution.

The larger amount of the dilute is placed at the bottom of the conical tube while the small one is upon this. It is mandatory to take care to avoid mixing both of the solutions. The tube is then incubated after what the sperm is added gradually. The solution is then centrifuged.

Then the upper part is carefully removed and extracted off with the help of a pipette. After adding an amount of sperm washing sperm the solution is again centrifuged. After the removal of the upper portion, the sperm solution is placed into a tube with the help of a pipette and the sperm is ready for the process of insemination.


In India, IUI is quite affordable as compared to other countries. Depending upon from where it has been done the cost differs, one cycle of IUI will cost around Rs.3000. The total treatment would cost you around Rs.6000 to Rs.10000 including the medicines, injections, and tests. But, in the case of the third party sperm donor, the amount may increase.

– In the cases of female infertility problem, Intrauterine insemination fertility treatment works very well.
– This treatment could be considered as pocket-friendly.
– As compared to the other infertility treatments, IUI is conducted in a more natural way that is the sperm is inseminated in the uterus and left to fuse with the egg in its natural way.

– This process is not for women above the age of 32 years.
– IUI has a risk of conceiving and delivering more than one baby, which is also a high pregnancy risk.
– The time of reaction of this process is very less as the doctor needs to be intimated in advance to start the procedure of insemination as soon as the eggs are released, which is the time lap of around 24 to 36 hours.
– Sometimes the person might have to go through 3-4 cycles for success.

Techniques used for IUI TIPS

– Make a routine of eating healthy food and continue on it.
– It could be a toll on women when she is not being able to conceive a baby. So, manage your stress levels because it isn’t helping you to conceive rather a meditation do.
– Shun smoking and drinking alcohol.
– Limiting caffeine would be a cherry on the top.
– Some low-intensity exercises like yoga, pilates are really helpful while this treatment.

So, all the people out there having infertility problems still in confusion or worrying about the chances of getting failed in this treatment? This treatment is the ray of hope and you may get success in the first cycle also.

While the process of IUI is not filled with a lot of complications but keep in mind all the IUI technique and procedures and keep an eye on the symptoms of pregnancy.






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