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IUI treatment is a simple and effective treatment procedure performed to enhance fertility and the chances of conception. It is performed in a manner that places a highly concentrated sample of active and robust sperms into the uterus via the cervix artificially, that is, it is a technique of artificial insemination.

A number of circumstances may require IUI:


In patients with endometriosis who face difficulties to conceive, medication given for IUI can lead to the production of healthy egg(s). Utilising IUI thereafter can thus, increase the chances of a pregnancy.

Cervical issues

Scarring in the cervix and problems with mucosa production can be hindrance to a natural pregnancy. Since the procedure involved in IUI bypasses the cervix entirely and places sperms in the uterus directly, it increases the number of robust eggs available to fertilise the released egg.

Unexplained infertility

In cases where the cause of infertility cannot be traced, medication to induce ovulation as well as placing a good concentration of sperms in the uterus directly can help couples conceive.

Male infertility

When the male partner has a low sperm count, a decreased motility or bad morphology, IUI can be used to choose the best sperms for fertilisation.

Donor sperm

In females who do not face problems with their fertility and require donor sperms, IUI is a less invasive and one of the most commonly used procedures.

Tools to help you plan better

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