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IUI Treatment Cost in India

While IVF is considered the best option for fertility, IUI has proven to be quite successful. It is simple and relatively cheaper than the IVF procedure.

With IUI, the sperm is administered into the uterus before the egg is released from the ovaries (ovulation) situated in the fallopian tubes. The sperm are washed and concentrated before placing it in the uterus. This increases the chance of the egg meeting the sperm and the likelihood of getting pregnant for people having difficulty conceiving due to several reasons such as –

  • Mild endometriosis
  • Problems with cervix
  • Low sperm count
  • Erectile dysfunction

IUI is a non-invasive fertility treatment. It can be performed using male partners' or donors' sperm. 

Average Cost of IUI in Various Cities

You usually have to spend a little, as the average cost of IUI in various cities ranges between INR 5,000 - INR 10,000 for each cycle. However, an IUI is more cost-effective than other fertility treatments, as you do not have to pay a huge sum. 

Factors that Influence IUI Cost in India

Several factors determine the cost of IUI treatment in India. Some of these are - couple's age, type of infertility, person's medical history, expertise and experience of the fertility doctor, and many more. You must also consider whether you want a single IUI cycle or more. For example, if you are above 40, you might need to undergo multiple IUI cycles to increase the chances of pregnancy. 

Let us explore these factors that influence IUI cost in India in detail:

1. Type of Clinic

The type of clinic or facility you choose determines the cost of IUI. A clinic using advanced technologies and approaches will charge you more than traditional ones. Also, the location of the fertility clinic determines the cost of IUI.

2. Number of Cycles

Around 5% of women over 40 experience success in a single cycle of IUI. IUI cycle will cost money, depending on fertility specialists and the number of IUI cycles. 

3. Your age

Age is a crucial parameter in determining the success rate of IUI procedure. The conception rate drops significantly as you age due to decreased egg quality. Women above age 40 may require multiple IUI cycles.

4. Medication of the ovulation stimulation

Oral medication is used to stimulate the ovaries. Therefore, ovulation depends on whether you take oral medication or an injection. Also, the dosage of the medication determines the cost of the IUI. 

5. Follicle Monitoring

After injecting the ovulation stimulator, the follicles are then monitored. Several series of ultrasounds are performed for the same, which can add to the cost.  

Is IUI Covered Under Insurance?

Earlier, most insurance providers didn't cover the treatment cost for infertility. However, there are many insurance providers today who offer these. Sometimes, they also sell it as an add-on. Some insurance providers offering IUI coverage may have more extended periods, caps, or limits. 

Several plans the insurance provider offers link infertility treatment coverage with maternity coverage. However, before buying an insurance plan, ensure you read all the terms and conditions, inclusions, and exclusions of the policy. 

What is IUI Cost at Indira IVF?

Intrauterine insemination IUI costs at Indira IVF are around INR 5000 for a single cycle, which might increase with the number of IUI cycles. Also, it involves several other treatment costs, like investigation, registration, infertility tests, etc. Book a Free Consultation to know about IUI cost at Indira IVF, success rate of IUI treatment or for any other queries. 

IUI is one of the most preferred choices for couples having trouble with pregnancy. The price is much lower than any other fertility treatment option. 

Indira IVF is a comprehensive healthcare provider with all the services under one roof. With Indira IVF, you do not have to panic about your pregnancy. IUI procedure at Indira IVF is extremely effective and economical compared to other infertility procedures. We also offer Zero Cost EMI option to ease your financial burden on several treatments.

To get an in-depth understanding of the IUI Cost at Indira IVF, schedule an appointment with our IUI Expert at 18003092323.

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