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fertility treatment myth - The fear of embryo falling off the track after being implanted in the uterus through IVF is often seen in couples who undergo IVF treatment.

The fear of embryo falling off the track after being implanted in the uterus throughIVFis often seen in couples who undergo IVF treatment. The beliefs and myths that people have related to the procedure of IVF and after effects should be addressed and corrected by giving them proper counseling before they take up the treatment.

The couples need to know that the human body is made with great precision and sense and the embryo transplanted in the uterus can never come out, be it transplanted naturally or through IVF treatment. Instead it’s important for the woman undergoing the treatment to keep herself healthy and happy during the whole course and avoid stress that could create problems during the procedure. In fact the day embryo is transplanted in the uterus of a woman, the woman walks out of the clinic all well on the same day without facing any difficulties.

The two weeks’ time of waiting to test whether one is pregnant or not is already a terrible phase for a couple to face during the course and if a woman is forced to constantly on bed throughout the pregnancy, it will create nothing more than depression. Such advices are seen to be coming from the elderly women who have no clue about the procedure but since this comes across as an artificial pregnancy to them, they assume such results and hence spread the wrong information.

Doctors advise women to get back to their routine work after a 3 days time of the embryo transplant. One need to flinch from such advices coming from sources that that themselves unaware and follow what is prescribed by the doctor. Indira IVF and Test Tube Baby Centre always focus to keep the whole process and circumstances of the procedure transparent with the patient going through the treatment.




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