Treatment of Male Infertility

Before we venture into the treatment of male infertility, we have to know what constitutes male infertility. It is a man’s inadequacy to generate any sperm or even create sperm which is of appropriate quality to fertilize the female’s egg. Male infertility is an aspect in forty percent of infertility conditions, and also male factor infertility is the main reason fifteen percent of times.

Practically 50% of most male element infertility conditions are effectively cured or restored. However, anybody who is diagnosed with it is enumerated with numerous queries like what is the minimum sperm count for IVF? Is there any male preparation needed for IVF? Is IVF more successful with male factor infertility? Can you share some IVF ICSI success stories with male factor fertility with us? What is the IVF success rate for male infertility? How does IVF help male infertility? Does sperm quality affect IVF success? What is the procedure for its treatment with IVF? The expert fertility doctor in Pune answering all the above-said questions is Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF center in Pune.

Fertility treatments for male infertility include hormone therapy, lifestyle changes, surgical techniques to retrieve sperm, and in vitro fertilization (IVF) added further the IVF doctor in Pune Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic in Pune.

What is male infertility?

Male infertility is the lack of ability to generate sperm or even generate strong sperm which can fertilize the female’s egg. Infertility is the inadequacy of partners to get expectant after twelve months of non-contraceptive, consistent sexual intercourse. For forty percent of infertile partners, male infertility is an underlying cause. Evaluation for male infertility is performed throughout the initial stages of fertility cure simultaneously like an assessment of the female spouse responded IVF specialist in Pune Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic and infertility treatment center in Pune.

What are the reasons behind male infertility?

Following are the main reasons behind male-related infertility.

  • Irregular swollen veins in the testicles, referred to as varicoceles, are the most popular reason behind male infertility, that can give rise to lower sperm generation and also weak sperm quality.
  • The form, as well as dimensions of sperm, referred to as sperm morphology, affect the sperm’s potential to fertilize the egg.
  • Chromosomal or genetic challenges that affect sperm generation can lead to lower sperm number as well as a concentration in semen.
  • Lower sperm motility (mobility) likewise will make it real tough for sperm to travel to and also permeate a woman’s egg.
  • Unevenness in testosterone or some other hormones.
  • A purely natural physiological congestion – or even clinical vasectomy – in male tubes (vas deferens) that bear sperm from the testicles to blend with semen before ejaculation.
  • Psychological, as well as physical issues or spinal cord wounds can result in impotence and also result in infertility in males.
  • Cancer malignancy treatment may cause male infertility (adult males planning to go through radiation or even chemotherapy are personally recommended to counsel a reproductive endocrinologist or even oncologist concerning sperm freezing) answered Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic and test tube baby treatment center in Pune.

What are the symptoms of male infertility?

Impotence, is the inability to keep an erect penis during sex, is one physical sign of male infertility. Retrograde ejaculation, which leads to a dehydrated orgasm, since the semen is not ejaculated away from the human body however into the male’s bladder, is yet another manifestation of male fertility issues.Genetic and chromosomal disorders and problems with sperm production and delivery present no symptoms of male infertility clarified Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic and test tube baby treatment center in Pune.

Male Infertility Test

Tests for male infertility are conducted by IVF doctors in Pune in our office at the Indira IVF clinic in Pune involves:

  • General physiological examination as well as health background to achieve a much better knowledge of a patient’s general health
  • Semen assessment presents information and facts related to the quantity of sperm which have sound structure as well as form (morphology), the volume of output, sperm motility (mobility), as well as sperm quality
  • Hormone levels as well as antibodies will reveal that sperm generation is working at regular amounts and then ensure that antibodies are not destroying sperm
  • Genetic laboratory tests to establish or discard potential chromosomal problems
  • Ultrasounds to assess abnormalities of the internal reproductive organs
  • Biopsies to examine the existence of contamination or even malignancies
  • Specialized sperm tests to determine how well the sperm function and survive following ejaculation, and to determine if sperm are intact and moving the way they should informed Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF hospital in Pune.

What are the treatments for male infertility?

Treatments for male infertility include:

  • Holistic fertility, as well as lifestyle improvements, will change these damaging health behavior like weight problems, harmful eating habits as well as smoking cigarettes, most of which influence fertility
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) entails the gathering, cleansing (washing) as well as the concentration of healthy and balanced sperm which are then put straight into the uterus
  • IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a sophisticated laboratory process that includes the injection of just one healthy sperm into an egg to produce an embryo, that is embedded into a woman’s uterus.
  • Sperm retrieval for adult males who are unable to ejaculate or even generate semen includes extraction of semen from the testicles utilizing a small needle. Vasectomy reversal allows an individual to generate healthy and balanced sperm in his semen once more.
  • Sperm donation is the usage of a different male’s sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg
  • Hormone therapy and medications may be recommended to alter high or low hormone levels that affect fertility advised Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF hospital and fertility center in Pune.


Male infertility although a taboo in the society yet those afflicted and diagnosed would like to know the real reason and symptoms including its treatment. All the above-said concerns are being addressed in the above treatise.


Is IVF successful with low sperm count?

ICSI can be utilized whenever sperm counts are minimal or one can find problems with the sperm’s appearance or even capability to move. Some fertility centers routinely use ICSI as a part of their IVF procedure. If both male and female fertility issues are present it may save time and increase your chances of success to start treatment with IVF suggested Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF hospital and fertility center in Pune.

Does IVF work for male infertility?

This procedure of fertilization merely needs a single healthy and balanced sperm per egg. ICSI is one of the remarkable innovations in fertility treatments as it offers for fertilization even in situations of extreme male factor infertility.To use ICSI, the couple must undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) stipulated Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF hospital in Pune.

Could you still get expectant with lower sperm count?

Lower sperm number does not indicate you cannot get expectant. When the sperm counts are incredibly lower, or one can find additional factors, like irregularities shaped like his sperm or even lower motility, or even if you might have fertility problems also, IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be a fertility treatment method to look at advised Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic and test tube baby treatment center in Pune.

Can low sperm count be cured?

Antibiotics can indeed overcome infection of the reproductive system. However, this does not usually recover fertility.Treatments for sexual intercourse problems includes: Medication or counseling can help improve fertility in conditions such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation including hormone treatments and medications replied Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic and infertility treatment center in Pune.

Can a man go from infertile to fertile?

Numerous adult males with lower sperm counts or even irregular semen remain fertile. And around 15% of infertile adult males get regular semen and also sufficient normal sperm. However, hormones are not the main problem in 97% of infertile men explained the IVF doctor in Pune Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic in Pune.

Which medicine is best for increase sperm count?

Here are some scientific ways suggested by IVF doctors in Pune to boost sperm count and increase fertility in men.

  • Get Enough Vitamins C.
  • Relax and Minimize Stress.
  • Get Enough Vitamin D.
  • Try TribulusTerrestris.
  • Take Fenugreek Supplements.
  • Get Enough Zinc.
  • Consider Ashwagandha.
  • Eat Maca Root.

Will I get expectant when my hubby got a vasectomy?

After a vasectomy, a male is not able to generate sperm to fertilize a woman’s eggs. Hence, he may be not able to get a lady expectant. When your spouse got a vasectomy, a vasectomy reversal could permit him to generate sperm to enable you to get expectant during intercourse.During a vasectomy reversal, the vas deferens is reconnected assured the IVF doctor in Pune Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic in Pune.

Can male infertility be cured?

In some cases, the doctor will recommend that the couple seek assisted reproductive technologies, likeIn vitro fertilization. ART do not cure or treat the cause of infertility but they can help couples achieve a pregnancy, even if the man’s sperm count is very low reasoned the IVF specialist in Pune Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF center in Pune for treatment of male infertility.

Can a man with low sperm count father a child?

The possibility of making your spouse expectant diminishes with reducing sperm counts. Quite a few adult males do not have any sperm in their semen. Certain adult males with lower sperm count father children effectively. Similarly, a few adult males with regular sperm counts are not able to father offspring cautioned the IVF doctor in Pune Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic in Pune for treatment of male infertility.

How many sperms do you want to get expectant?

It requires only one sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg.Keep in mind, though, for each sperm that reaches the egg, there are millions that don’t. On average, each time a man ejaculates he releases nearly 100 million sperm informed the IVF specialist in Pune Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF center in Pune.

How can I increase my sperm naturally?

Some essential steps suggested by the fertility doctors in Pune:

  • Exercise and sleep.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol use and drugs.
  • Avoid several prescription medications.
  • Fenugreek supplement.
  • Get enough vitamin D and calcium.
  • Ashagandha.

Can a vasectomy fail after 20 years?

A standard suggestion is always to get semen evaluation carried out three months after vasectomy or even after twenty ejaculations. Also to stay away from intercourse or perhaps utilize a different birth control technique until absolutely no sperm is reported. Researchers estimated that around one in 100 vasectomies would fail within one to five years of surgery concluded Dr. Amol Lunkad from the Indira IVF clinic and infertility treatment center in Pune.


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