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  1. What is the full form of PCOD?

PCOD full form is polycystic ovarian disease.

  1. How does PCOD affect fertility?

PCOD impacts ovulation and causes few menstrual cycles. This ultimately affects a woman’s ability to conceive.

  1. What tests are carried out when diagnosing PCOD?

PCOD is diagnosed with the help of a sonography and blood tests that will screen blood sugar levels and hormone levels.

  1. Is it true that PCOD can be cured?

Unfortunately, PCOD cannot be cured. This condition can only be managed successfully with the help of medications and lifestyle changes.

  1. What are the risk factors of PCOD?

PCOD generally tends to run in families, so if your mother had this condition, you may also develop it. Other risk factors for PCOD include a sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

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