Is IUI Safe?

The answer to this question is, ‘Yes, IUI is safe procedure.’IUI is the most widely recommended infertility treatment, which is also the first step in curing infertility.

Though most people have heard about IUI procedure, they often wonder, ‘Is IUI Safe?’ Due to a lack of awareness about IUI safety, a lot of couples are hesitant in going for it and need to be counselled.

Benefits of IUI

First, let us talk about the benefits of IUI and then we will try to understand ‘Is IUI pregnancy safe or not?’.

IUI is a relatively simple procedure; it is considered to be highly safe. The process is quick and almost painless. The success rate is considered to be 10% to 20% if the age of the female is under 35 years. However, the chances of success are increased by administering fertility drugs to the female partner. IUI, unlike other infertility treatments, is highly cost-effective. A single IUI procedure may cost anywhere between 5000 to 10,000, including all tests.

Now, let us talk about the risks involved in IUI and how safe it is to go for it?

Risks involved in IUI

IUI being a non-invasive procedure, it only assists in natural fertilisation of sperms and ovum, so the risks involved are very less. Just to give you an idea, the chances of developing an infection in this procedure is only 2% to 4%.

The chances of any other medical complications or birth defects are also very low in this procedure. Thus, IUI is safe.

However, there are certain concerns that may arise, which are as follows:

IUI usually does not have the risk of any severe complications. There are certain mild risks such as spotting, infection, and multiple pregnancies.

Here are a few insights to the risks involved in IUI:

Multiple Pregnancy: In the IUI process, the women are usually administered fertility drugs to promote ovulation, which in turn raises the chances of getting pregnant. In this scenario, the woman may end up releasing two or more eggs. So, the chances of ending up with multiple pregnancies are raised in IUI.

Multiple pregnancies may risk the life of the mother as well as her unborn babies. In numerous pregnancies, babies are more susceptible to low birth weight or can even born prematurely. In rare cases, there are chances that babies may die before or after birth. However, this situation is rare as the number of eggs released are traced through scans during the procedure. The fertility drugs are stopped if there are too many eggs developing in the woman.

(b) Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS): It is sometimes seen that a combination of Intrauterine Insemination along with fertility drugs intake can lead to swelling of ovaries. This medical condition is called Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. The occurrence of OHSS is rare, and the symptoms are usually mild, but, sometimes, OHSS can result in serious complications.

Mild Symptoms of OHSS – The mild symptoms involve bloating, nausea or vomiting, and slight abdominal pain. Usually, with regular pain killer drugs, along with good water intake, is able to cure the patient of mild OHSS.

Severe symptoms of OHSS – The severe symptoms of OHSS involve chest pain, breathlessness, and dehydration. Severe OHSS is also completely treatable under the doctor’s guidance and support.

Whatever the case may be, IUI is safe, easy and a cost-effective remedy to much awaited parenthood.

One of the precautions that need to be taken in the case of donor sperm is that it should be free of any sexually transmitted disease or any other diseases. Of course, professional clinics test the donor thoroughly for all illnesses before taking their sperm sample. In case you have any doubts, you must talk freely to your doctor, who will happily address your concerns. This is also the reason why IUI must only done in well-known reputed infertility treatment clinics as they have a set safety protocol that evades such concerns.

When is IUI not effective?

IUI works well for mild cases of infertility, including unexplained infertility. However, in the following cases, IUI may not be the best procedure to follow:

1. Endometriosis: The innermost lining of Uterus is technically called as Endometrium. Endometriosis is the condition when this inner lining grows outside the uterus into the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and pelvis.

In mild endometriosis, IUI is effective but fails in moderate to severe cases of endometriosis.

2. Blocked Fallopian tubes: Fallopian tube is a duct like structure that carries the egg from ovaries to Uterus. If at all fallopian tubes are blocked, then the IUI procedure will not succeed as eggs will not be available. In some cases, if the woman has undergone sterilisation procedure, even then IUI will not be successful.

3. Multiple Infections in Pelvic area: If the woman has a history of multiple pelvic infections, even then IUI may not be successful.

4. Impaired sperm production: If the sperms produced by the male partner are less in number, or are defective in shape, or are sluggish even than IUI is not successful. In such cases, donor sperms are made available if the couple agrees to using it.

However, the good part of this whole issue is that infertility is highly treatable. There is a range of treatments available from most simple infertility treatment procedures to most advanced ones. The problem in accessing these treatments is only the lack of awareness in people.

I hope that with accurate information around, more number of people will be encouraged to come forward take up IUI infertility treatment, as IUI is a safe cost-effective remedy to overcoming infertility.

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