Are you facing problems while choosing for the best infertility treatment available in India? Many couples face challenges while deciding for the same when they move towards the treatment in every different aspect from either emotional or in physiological nature or the monetary issue. Usually, when medications fail to produce a natural form of pregnancy then doctors recommend the artificial infertility treatments like IUI – intrauterine insemination.

ABOUT IUI – What you should know!

Intrauterine insemination infertility treatment is referred to as the process of placing prepared sperm into the uterus. It is the process of separating and cleansing of sperm for the removal of dead, non-motile and toxic sperms from which only healthy and fast sperm are extracted which have higher chances of fertilizing the egg present inside. The prepared sperm are placed inside the uterus of a woman while she is ovulating. This is done with the help of a catheter. IUI infertility treatment is very simple as compared to IVF- invitro fertilization, as in IUI the process is similar to that of the natural process.


IUI is beneficial to the couple if:

– The couple is unable to have sexual intercourse might be because of some physical disabilities, injuries or the male partner is experiencing premature ejaculations.
– The couple has unexplained fertility problems.
– The male partner has low sperm count and low motility of sperm.
– The female partner is having mild endometriosis.

To make your IUI treatment work, you must take care that the fallopian tubes are healthy and open near the time of IUI. Because IUI is not recommended to those women who have scarring in their fallopian tubes as it might block the passage for the egg to travel to the uterus. And, to find out if your fallopian tubes are healthy or not, a tubal patency test is needed which is located if there is any blockage inside your tubes or not.


Does IUI cost in India affordable? or just another treatment to burn a hole into your pocket! Before opting for any treatment there are several measures that should be taken in the count like the method of treatment, age, type of infertility you have and most important the cost of the treatment. Other treatments like IVF is very expensive since it has a higher success rate. But in the present day, IUI is the more popular treatment for infertility and IUI treatment success rate is also quite good and too in your budget. It is a safe, cheap and an effective treatment method for infertility.

The cost of IUI in India is not so high as a single IUI cycle cost as Rs.3000. Even if you get the success in just one cycle of treatment, then also you can expect a total spend of around Rs.10000 including the tests and ultrasound scans before the beginning of the IUI treatment process. On comparing with the IVF treatment in India, it will cost you spend approximately 5 lakhs, while the IUI treatment cost in India is just Rs.10000. The difference is clear why IUI infertility treatment is more preferred. In India, everything varies from place to place and to the cost of this treatment. The treatment cost would neither be same in Pune and Chennai nor in Delhi and Mumbai.

However, the couples must know this thing that these costs are just for the IUI treatment procedure. Other things like ovulation induction, tracking of ovulation, ultrasound scans involve various types of consultations and medications which may cost over the cost of the procedure. The rate of success of the single IUI treatment cycle is not so high so you might have to undergo through the same process several times which will surely increase the total amount depending upon the number of cycles you have undergone through. The cost of average 3-5 IUI cycles is less than the single IVF cycle which once again makes the IUI treatment on the top of the list.


The factors influencing the cost of IUI infertility treatment in India varies from couple to couple in different forms as treatment plans, tests, and medications.

The age of the woman is the most important factor for IUI success rate as well as for the number of cycles required in the treatment. As you are charger according to per cycle so as the number of cycles is directly proportional to the cost of the IUI treatment when the number of cycles will increase the cost will automatically get higher. The success rates in IUI treatment for young women are higher. For women whose age is not more than 35 years, the chances of getting pregnant in just a single cycle are 10-20 percent. For women who are chasing 40, the chances are 10 percent and above 40 years the chances are just 2-5 percent. If the woman is less than 30 years but fertility problem is occurring because of no ovulation or the lack of ovulation then doctors might recommend two or more IUIs which may increase the cost. Usually, after three failed IUI treatments, doctors recommend for the IVF treatment which is generally very expensive.

Age plays an important part in the success rate of IUI treatment:

– Women aged between 20 to 30 years: 18 percent of pregnancy rate and 13 percent of delivery rate.
– Women aged between 30 to 35 years: 14 percent of pregnancy rate and 10 percent of delivery rate.
– Women aged between 36 to 38 years: 13 percent of pregnancy rate and 9 percent of delivery rate.
– Women of 40 years of age: 11 percent of pregnancy rate and 7 percent of delivery rate.
– Women over 40 years of age: 6 percent of pregnancy rate and 3 percent of delivery rate.


The IUI treatment cost can go up and down depending upon the required medications and injections required for the stimulation of the ovary. Injections are very expensive than the oral medications of the ovarian stimulation. The cost of oral medications other than injections could range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 which would sum up the total cost of the medication during a single cycle of IUI of around Rs.3000. On the other hand with injections are recommended by your doctor then the cost per injection would be Rs.500. Some doctors also recommend HCG- human chorionic gonadotropin for the stimulation of the egg and to boost the levels of fertility. But if you require multiple injections then it is possible that your total cost might go up to Rs.19000 – Rs.20000 for a single cycle of IUI treatment.


There are chances of too many complications in this treatment as this is a natural process of placing the prepared sperm into the uterus of the woman. The complications vary from infections in the uterus or in the fallopian tubes by the toxins or the bacterial transmission during the transfer of semen sample to multiple pregnancies. This is why precautions should be taken in advance and these types of treatments should be done only after consulting doctors and should be conducted in a reputed clinic which prioritizes the hygiene. And, multiple pregnancies can cause serious health issues as the to be born babies have a serious risk of being premature.


– Couple (Ritika and Karan) says that: They attempted the IUI treatment three times and ending with an ectopic pregnancy on the third time. They took a break and three years again decided to give IUI a try and ended up with multiple pregnancies (triplets), of which one faded but now they have two healthy babies!

– Couple (Abhi and Shanaya) says that: They attempted the clomid (medicated) cycles for the first time which was an epic failure. Then they gave a try to IUI treatment and it worked in the first cycle itself. They were left with only one egg at that time and luckily that became their daughter. They advise everyone who is facing the same problem to do your homework well and choose a good doctor who with you feel comfortable the most.

– Couple (Kamini and Mridul) says that: The female partner had severe PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome. Due to which her left ovary was not working at all and the pelvis was also tilted. They tried conceiving for more than two years with some rounds of Clomid and Provera but that never worked out for them. After these failures, they decided to go for the IUI treatment and that worked! Their baby is now 4 years old and perfectly healthy.

– Couple (Himesh and Aakansha) says that: They started planning for the baby after 2 years of their marriage but after many failures, they consulted a doctor who referred a series tests which resulted absolutely normal but the female had mild PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome due to which was on regular metformin. They had their first IUI with Clomid which failed and two more were conducted which were also failed which brought a little depression in their lives. Their doctor then advised her to go through laparoscopy by which blockage in her fallopian tube. After some time they went for their fourth IUI treatment which again was a failure but the fifth one was the lucky one. They are now happy parents!

Keep these things in your mind and HAVE A HAPPY PARENTING!!

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