IVF or in vitro fertilization consists of fertilizing the egg and sperm in the laboratory and reintroducing the early embryo to the uterus. In 1978, an incredible breakthrough happened for infertile partners, once biologist Bob Edwards as well as gynecologist Patrick Steptoe aided in the conception of the very first test tube baby Louise Brown, who was given birth to through the treatment of in vitro fertilization (IVF). This method has assisted over five million children to be born.However, being a new technique; IVF is often plagued with some common myths and queries like what is IVF process? What is the best food for IVF success? Can you suggest some IVF tips for success? What should I do to help implantation after IVF? How to make IVF successful the first time? What is the right diet during IVF injections? Can you suggest some IVF success tips for food? What are the things to do before IVF? Hence all such queries and myths are being clarified here by the IVF doctor in Mumbai Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF center in Mumbai.

World Embryologists Day (25thJuly) is popularly celebrated each year to mark the conception of the world’s very first IVF baby, Louise Brown. The big day is in recognition of all the health care professionals in the vast field of reproductive medicine explained the IVF specialist in Mumbai Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF clinic in Mumbai.

What exactly are some of the IVF myths s and myths and IVF myths s around IVF along with other assistive reproductive techniques?

There are numerous IVF myths s as well as myths around IVF along with other assisted reproductive techniques. However, the truth is that most of them are mainly on account of the deficiency of adequate understanding of most of these procedures. Clearing up these types of misguided beliefs will help take away the social stigma connected with these types of methods also. Listed here are a few these kinds of IVF myths s mentioned by the IVF doctors in Mumbai:

IVF myths  – 1: IVF can certainly deal with all infertility problems

There are numerous assisted reproductive techniques currently available, and also IVF is only one of these. Several other methods consist of ovulation induction (OI) with medicines, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), and so on which could aid childless partners to have a baby clarified Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF and infertility treatment center in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 2: It is a treatment for the rich and famous

IVF a little bit of costly but yet less expensive as compared to various other surgical treatments. Their expense has, but, not risen in the past several years explained Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF and test tube baby treatment center in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 3: Only young couples benefit from this treatment

Even though the age group is a reason that can determine fertility, this process is often as efficient in women of all ages in the post-menopausal set as with young ones. In the mature age group, donor eggs from young ladies are employed. But the maternity rates in mature ladies are much lower compared to young ladies cautioned Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF hospital in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 4: IVF possesses a 100% achievement rate

The achievement rate of IVF is all about 40% in partners below the age group of thirty-five. Additionally, the achievement rate of IVF depends upon elements like age group, the reason for infertility, and also natural as well as hormonal issues responded Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF and fertility center in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 5: IVF children are born with birth problems as well as malformations

The total threat of giving birth to an IVF child with abnormalities is very low. The danger of an anomalous fetus in unpredictable and are IVF children is just like in general population clarified Dr. Kanika Kalyani from the Indira IVF and fertility center in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 6: IVF is not safe and sound

It is also a safe and sound process having only around 2% of patients positioned the threat of being unwell from ovarian hyperstimulation disorder assured Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF hospital in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 7: IVF results in varied pregnancies

It includes conditions of many pregnancies using this process, minimizing the number of embryos transmitted, especially in young ladies, will reduce this threat suggested Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF and test tube baby treatment center in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 8: IVF needs you to be admitted in the clinic

The healthcare facility admittance is usually for a couple of hours throughout the egg-collection process. The individual is not required to be admitted for many days answered Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF and infertility treatment center in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 9: Donating eggs can reduce them

Throughout menarche, a woman has got over 400, 000 eggs. Of those, just four hundred are needed in a whole lifespan. Each month around twenty of those are mobilized, and then only 1 or 2 develop to the level of to be released at the time of ovulation. Around eighteen to nineteen of the outstanding eggs perish. IVF can be useful for maintaining the progress of these great eggs. Thus, there is no possibility of eggs being finished by donation for IVF explained Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF clinic in Mumbai.

IVF myths  – 10: IVF pregnancies lead to cesarean births

IVF pregnancies are like usually conceived ones but not a sign for cesarean section. Partners who may have attempted to have a baby for countless years or even those that have increased possibilities of a numerous pregnancy may go for elective cesarean birth. A standard vaginal birth is achievable following IVF assured Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF center in Mumbai.

Precisely how far have we have arrived like a modern society, in helping partners aching to get their offspring?

When individuals get a professional bypass or even a knee replacement unit, they happily talk about it in friendly get-togethers. However, you can find a dilemma even in proclaiming the term IVF. Based on statistics, just 10% to 20% of IVF patients are open up with their family members around eager to have a baby by assisted reproductive techniques. It was still a misunderstanding that children born by these types of treatments are abnormal and modern society is not at all forthcoming to these kinds of partners.

You have to motivate partners to come out and speak about their anxieties as well as fears, which can help these get over this psychological bar. It is done by presenting the idea of help groups as well as peer groups just like the West wherein individuals who have previously got kids by these types of methods discuss and then speak with prospective mother and father regarding their issues as well as concerns. Indira IVF group of fertility clinics regularly works together with the spouses to develop these kinds of networks/groups wherein partners may have access to these kinds of information as well as peer experiences. These may enable them to take compelling choices regarding secure, valuable avenues to check out vis-à-vis the critical decision of growing their families concluded Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF clinic in Mumbai.


Being the most modern technology assisting infertile couples to have their baby IVF does come with its own set of IVF myths s among society. Here in the above article the fertility doctors in Mumbai Dr. Kanika Kalyani and Dr. Naveena Singh help dispel some of these myths. However, there is still a need for awareness regarding IVF and its capabilities.


What must I take at the time of IVF?

A considerable amount of veggies, some fresh fruit, and also good quality, whole grains (particularly in sourdough bread) are great options for nourishment. In general, you cannot fail with garden-fresh, natural foods. Tend not to be concerned of healthy fats: these are essential to proper nourishment, particularly with regards to fertility responded Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF clinic in Mumbai.

How do I develop my possibilities of IVF success?

The fertility doctors in Mumbai provide a few IVF success tricks to assist you along with your spouse to calm you down throughout the IVF procedure and also increase your possibilities of having a baby.

  • Do your research.
  • Don’t wait around until it is far too late.
  • Try acupuncture-science.
  • Don’t disregard the man.
  • Talk truthfully with your physician.
  • Take the time to unwind.
  • Be tolerant.
  • Talk to a healthcare practitioner.

What could be the achievement rate of IVF on the first attempt?

Ladies with the most excellent possibilities of IVF success have rates of forty percent or even more per process, although the most of the ladies have per-cycle success rates of twenty to thirty-five percent, as per the National Infertility Association. There is no guarantee that your very first process works cautioned Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF center in Mumbai.

How secure is IVF?

IVF is a secure as well as efficient cure for infertility. IVF has low challenges for the patient. There has been no evidence that IVF or even the medicines utilized in IVF result in a higher threat of ovarian or breast cancers. Children born from IVF get a similar lower rate of birth deficiencies like children born from a purely natural pregnancy informed Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF clinic in Mumbai.

What must I consume for successful IVF?

The IVF doctors in Mumbai provide a few IVF success ideas from the need to know before you decide to check out IVF.

  • Do Your Research.
  • Avoid Ejaculation to Improve Sperm Number.
  • Try Acupuncture-science.
  • Eat Lots of Good quality Fats.
  • Meditation as well as De-stressing.
  • Avoid Lower Glycemic Index Foods, Alcoholic beverages as well as caffeinated drinks
  • Have Intercourse after the Process.
  • Talk to a Counsellor.

Will emotional stress affect IVF achievements?

It might be incorrect and also possibly causes you to more stress out. Although emotional stress might affect your output of stress hormones, the consistency of your menstrual periods, as well as ultimately fertility in itself, the relationship of emotional stress with IVF result is unproven. It would not change your IVF result responded Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF and infertility treatment center in Mumbai.

How do I enhance my IVF success?

Leading five methods to enhance IVF Success for ladies suggested by fertility doctors in Mumbai:

  1. Make sure that you are in good health. Your normal condition of health can affect your possibilities of an effective embryo transfer along with a healthy conception.
  2. Cut back on the caffeinated drinks.
  3. Age is an issue.
  4. Consider getting acupuncture.
  5. Always be persistent.

Why would IVF fail with sound embryos?

Probably the most common factors why an IVF process goes wrong are due to the quality of the embryo. Numerous embryos are not able to embed after transfer to the uterus since they are faulty. Embryos that appear healthy and balanced in a lab might have deficiencies that lead them to die rather than cultivate answered Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF and test tube baby treatment center in Mumbai.

Why would IVF fail?

When there is an embryo transfer concerned, the IVF may have been unsuccessful on account of an embryo implantation breakdown. The embryonic arrest is usually brought on by chromosomal or even hereditary irregularities within the embryos which make all of them too weak to maintain the implantation replied from the Indira IVF as well as test tube baby treatment center in Mumbai.

What could be the ideal age for IVF?

The great news is the fact that IVF is usually productive, specifically for ladies under age thirty-five and also those utilizing donor eggs. For adult females, the possibilities of live birth are between 34 as well as 42% over three cycles mentioned Dr. Naveena Singh from the Indira IVF hospital in Mumbai.

Precisely what are the indications of successful IVF?

Acutely sensitive breasts, feeling sick, exhaustion, cramps, light spotting—could all these are indications the process is effective? Here’s the fact: all of those signs and symptoms can and do happen even though you are not expectant. In reality, also though you do not have any maternity symptoms, you might be expectant clarified Dr. Kanika Kalyani from the Indira IVF and fertility center in Mumbai.


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