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May 7, 2018

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For some couples, having a baby is nothing more than just a dream. Due to many hurdles that they come across, they almost lose all the hopes to have one child of their own and accept the misery of their lives. But technology has proved to be a boon to mankind and doctors are indeed God sent. Together the combination of two gives hope and fair chance to fulfill the dreams of such couples. In some cases when the troubles that couples come across are invincible, the only option left for them towards having a child of their own is third party reproduction. It includes the use of donor eggs, donor sperm, donor embryos or surrogacy. The top IVF clinics in India like Indira IVF and Test Tube Baby center provides all the facilities that are required for third-party reproduction.

Surrogacy is used by the couples who have healthy eggs and sperm may be, but can’t host the baby in the womb due to some other problem. In such cases, the baby will have the genes and all the other related aspects of the couple but will just grow in the womb of another woman for nine months.

When people go for donor eggs or donor embryos or donor sperm, the whole concept becomes a bit difficult for the couple to accept as they get the feeling of un-belongingness, since the baby will have some foreign genes as well. Thinking this, couples flinch from going for this option. But on the contrary, some couples find it to be a blessing in disguise; they go for the search of sperm and eggs that could bring about some specific required feature or characteristics in their baby.

One may take it in a positive way or negative, but the truth is, IVF treatment is the only solution that could complete the family desired by the couple when they’re not able to attain that naturally.

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