IVF in Pandemic: Safety Measures taken at Indira IVF-

All of our clinics in India remain open and our patients regularly follow their treatments, while following the necessary precautionary measures to make the process safe and easy for all.

It should be remembered that a large number of our patients can no longer wait to start IVF treatment to become parents, because time is against them when it comes to fertility. Just remember, IVF in pandemic is totally possible.

From the start of this health crisis, Indira IVF wished to guarantee the safety of its patients and staff and to that end took a number of protective measures that we ask you to respect. These measures will evolve depending on the pandemic situation.

No scientific body has issued any contraindication concerning spontaneous pregnancies and sexual relations are not considered as a factor in the transmission of the virus.

With the gradual control of this pandemic, protective measures and greater coverage of vaccination groups, this wave is gradually being controlled and this is why certain areas are no longer considered to be at high risk.

IVF in Corona age: Are online consultations maintained?

All patients who wish to take online consultation will be able to book it beforehand, with follow-up and additional examinations being carried out on site (diagnostic pack). The terms and conditions remain unchanged for requesting your first meeting, online or on site. Contact us through our website or you may call us.

IVF in Corona age & Preventive measures: Should I go for IVF in Corona Times?

In order to maximize the safety measures in the clinics to avoid internal infections of patients and staff, here are the preventive measures that we ask from our patients before entering the clinic:

• Please try to attend your visits unaccompanied except for a puncture or surgery.

• Do not come for an appointment if you have, or have had, fever, cough, respiratory symptoms within the past 14 days and please inform your doctor about the same. Your clinic will contact you regularly to monitor your progress and make a new appointment for you as soon as possible.

• Do not come for a consultation if you have been in contact with someone who is, or suspected of having, COVID-19 in the past 10 days, and please inform your doctor.

• Be sure to be punctual, without arriving too early either, so that you spend as little time as possible waiting.

• Wear a mask.

• We will ask you to make all your payments by credit card or online in order to avoid the handling of cash.

IVF in Covid-19: Once inside the clinic-

• We will provide you with a mask if you do not wear one.

• Hydro alcoholic gel dispensers are available throughout the clinic.

• We will also remind you of the 1.5m social distancing rules. The whole clinic is organized with a proper marking allowing you to respect the safety distances, the seats will also be separated, etc.

IVF in Covid-19: Will I have to have diagnostic tests done before starting treatment?

Indira IVF’s objective is to guarantee maximum safety for its patients and employees during treatment. For this reason, beyond all the measures mentioned above, we will conduct antigenic tests on all our patients who are about to start treatment and shortly before any surgery intended to collect oocytes for an IVF cycle or prior to embryo transfer or insemination. The antigen test is a fast and very reliable test that allows you to get a result in 15 minutes

If you have already been vaccinated, the protocol is different and you may not need any special tests depending on the type of treatment.

Is there a risk of contamination of my genetic material stored in the laboratories?

No, to date, the medical literature indicates that it is very unlikely that the virus could be present in oocytes or in sperm.

In addition, all of our laboratories are programmed to work with type 2 infectious agents, such as SARS-CoV-2, so there would be no risk at this point.

It is our duty to do everything to prevent the progress of our daily activities from leading to an increase in contamination. For this reason, Indira IVF is currently taking all the necessary measures recommended by the scientific authorities, based on their experience acquired in this field.

Coronavirus FAQs-

Does Indira IVF take steps to ensure my safety from coronavirus during my treatment?

Yes. Indira IVF closely follows all the information released by the health authorities in order to adapt our protocols and constantly guarantee the safety of our patients. In addition, to date, nothing shows that COVID-19 can be transmitted via Assisted reproductive technology.

Should I interrupt or postpone my ART treatment? Should I go for IVF in Corona Times?

To date, there is no evidence that this virus can be transmitted through ART treatments. You can therefore continue or start your treatment. You will have your first consultation virtually and will be able to postpone the planned explorations to a second face-to-face consultation.

I am pregnant and would like to know if I have a higher risk of being infected with the coronavirus?

Each Indira IVF centre will take proper and stringent measures depending on the pandemic in their region. Our patients will have a first appointment and online medical follow-up to avoid travel.

I have tested positive for coronavirus and am pregnant, will I infect my baby?<

The articles published and the cases studied to date show that there is no vertical transmission of COVID-19 between the pregnant woman and her foetus. On the other hand, neither the prognosis for gestation, nor that for the patients themselves, was found to be worse than for an infected non-pregnant woman. However, if you are diagnosed, you will need to contact your obstetrician.

How not to be infected by the coronavirus?

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, health authorities recommend the following:

• Wash your hands frequently

• Cough and sneeze into a bent elbow or a disposable tissue

• Avoid contact between hands, eyes, nose and mouth

• In the event of symptoms, avoid close contact with other people and notify the health authorities immediately.

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