Men’s Guide to Fertility

May 7, 2018

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Men’s Guide to Fertility

Men are seen to less open about the infertility problems they face. Unlike women, they do not speak out much to their friends and relatives for seeking advices, sometimes they even avoid visiting a doctor to consult about the same; but it is very necessary to face the problem and figure out ways to overcome it. They need to understand that there are factors beyond just ‘wearing tight jeans’ that could be a reason for not being able to add up to the family.

Men produce sperms throughout their lifetime unlike women who’re born with all the eggs they’ll have. Sperms are produced in the testes, where testosterone is also produced. It takes 3 months time for the entire process of the production of sperm and its maturation to complete.

The sperm count isn’t fixed in any male, even in fertile and healthy man, it constant fluctuates. It can fluctuate in the range of 15 million/ml to 80million/ml. Because of the constant production of sperm in a male, any kind of illness caused to him or any physical and mental disturbance caused affects the quality of the sperm negatively. This is the reason why semen analysis is repeated after 2 months, to confirm its result. The analysis result may come out to be abnormal in the first time but normal to in the second test.

Indeed it is a fact that the changing lifestyle has the major contribution towards the scenario we’re witnessing related to infertility. Also, we can’t escape of the trap completely, but we can definitely find our ways out to lead a better and a happy life.

• Reduce Alcohol Consumption- Excess of good also turns out to be harmful sometimes, having said that, there’s nothing to prove that alcohol consumption has an adverse effects on health. And talking about sperm quality, excessive alcohol consumption can have detrimental effects such as libido reduction, erectile dysfunction and subnormal sperm production. Indira IVF and Test Tube Baby Centre, one of the best IVF treatment centers in India observes many such cases where the partners are diagnosed to have complication in conceiving because of the problems caused due to excessive alcohol consumption.

• Reduce or Quit smoking- There are numerous studies which state that smoking has a negative impact on sperm production, it’s morphology (shape) and motility (ability to swim).

• Recreational Drugs- One should avoid steroids and recreational drugs. Drugs impact sperm motility and density and also increase abnormal sperm count. And some drugs like Cocaine can affect erectile function as it suppresses the production of testosterone and causes impotence.

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