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Secondary Infertility Treatment ? Secondary infertility is described as being unable to conceive after one has already given birth to at least one child.

Residing in the nation’s capital and budding professionals working in an MNC Gaurav (name changed to protect identity) and Himali Sharma had Meera 5 years ago. They thought they had a complete family, but off late they felt Meera was missing her childhood as she was always surrounded by people who are more matured than her. And so they felt the need to gift her sibling.

But even after trying to conceive for one whole year, they failed miserably. It was time for them to consult a fertility specialist. Gaurav noticed a free seminar on ‘Secondary Infertility‘ being conducted at the Indira IVF center in Delhi even a helpline was provided.

Without much ado, Gaurav called and booked a couple of seats for themselves. Since the seminar was on a Sunday they both can attend. On the appointed date and time they reached the venue. They were surprised to find quite a few couples of their age group, having a similar background as themselves there.

All of them were given a tour of the facility by the centre head himself. They were impressed by the state of the art facility, modern equipment and the courteous nature of the staff at the facility.

As they all gathered at the conference hall, the seminar was addressed by Dr. Pawan Yadav ( Indira infertility clinic and test tube baby centre in Lucknow).

The phrase secondary infertility treatment can be used if a woman, who has conceived earlier, however, finds that now she does not have the ability to get pregnant even after a year’s effort, explained Dr. Ishita Lunkad ( Indira IVF clinic in Pune).

Whenever it ends up being a concern, a doctor will look at both the male as well as female factors while considering their infertility. it has got a greater prevalence as compared to primary infertility, yet fewer partners look for treatment with secondary infertility as opposed to those people, who are having primary infertility, claimed Dr. Arvind Vaid ( Indira IVF centre in Delhi).

Age appears to be one of the most important reasons behind it. The first detail an infertility specialist looks over is the age of the patient in addition to their overall physical health added Dr. Arvind Vaid ( Indira IVF clinic in Delhi).

Being one of best IVF centers in Delhi our infertility specialist will look at all areas of infertility tests as well as processes in secondary infertility treatment and even recommend or commence treatments depending on their results, stated Dr. Arvind Vaid.

In this treatment, other factors to be considered are the introduction of a new partner in a new relationship where one or both of the partners have conceived a child in the past with other partners but together have not succeeded in conceiving, added Dr. Arvind Vaid.

Secondary infertility is described as being unable to conceive after one has already given birth to at least one child, explained Dr. Ishita Lunkad.

He further enumerated some of the most common causes of secondary infertility, which are as given below:

The reasons for secondary infertility are similar to those of primary infertility. In about one-third of cases, the reason for the inability to conceive a second (or subsequent) time can also be attributed to a low sperm count. Other reasons for it are as given below:

  • Endometriosis
  • Impaired fallopian tubes(Blocked Fallopian Tubes)
  • Ovulation disorders (Inadequate Ovulation/Irregular Ovulation )
  • Fibroids

In over fifteen percent of instances, laboratory tests show that the reason for secondary infertility is a blend of issues shared by both the spouses.

Age is often an issue

When a woman matures, her odds of being expectant at any given month reduce. This decrease in fertility begins after she attains the age of thirty. After the age of thirty-five, the probability of getting pregnant diminishes considerably faster. Because women usually undergo menopause from a young age, this might lead to secondary infertility.
A few specialists in the field of human reproduction have indicated that male fertility is also prone to age and a fall in male fertility begins after the age thirty-five.

Stress and Secondary Infertility

Stress is frequently an issue causing male infertility. Based on scientific studies carried out in Denmark, when a male currently has a poor sperm count, stress increases this problem. When a couple is going through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures, which can be a demanding experience, the quality of the man’s sperm is reduced.

Prescription drugs

Certain over the counter prescription drugs, for instance, antihistamines as well as some antibiotics, harm male fertility by reducing sperm count and change the quality of the sperm (shape and/or mobility). If you intend to start or perhaps increase your family, do point out this truth to your pharmacist. She or he might be able to recommend a brand name or even form of medicine which is unlikely to have an effect on your fertility.

Long-term Illness

One more reason behind secondary infertility is a long-term sickness. Both hypertension, as well as diabetes, could affect fertility. If an individual has gone through chemotherapy or radiation procedures for cancer, the procedures can make the man or woman infertile. Most cancer patients are recommended to get sperm samples or eggs frozen before going through treatment in order to protect fertility.

Lifestyle and diet

Staying either underweight or even obese could affect fertility. Make sure to attain a sound body weight by means of a balanced and healthy diet together with daily workouts. Smoking cigarettes also have an effect on fertility; therefore, you ought to speak to your physician regarding medical assistance in case you are not able to stop by yourself. If you consume alcoholic beverages, do this moderately.

When to go for treatment for secondary infertility?

Since Indira IVF is one of the best IVF hospitals in Delhi we have a standard operating procedure for treating secondary infertility, explained Dr. Ishita Lunkad (Indira IVF clinic in Pune).

Some individuals believe that since they had at least one baby, they will not have problems having a baby yet again. Statistically, over 90 % of partners will certainly have a baby within 2 years of having unprotected intercourse regularly with virtually no treatment. When spouses have been attempting to have a baby for one year or longer without any results, a visit to an infertility centre like ours is recommended, advised Dr. Arvind Vaid.

Both males, as well as female partners, must reach the scheduled appointment because infertility (regardless if primary or secondary) is a problem that has an effect on both the partners. A recommendation to a fertility specialist for an infertility workup might be needed, as well.

The reasons behind secondary infertility are many. For those who have worries regarding their inadequacy to have a baby, must consult our IVF specialist in Delhi branch here for a free second opinion and proper treatment.




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