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Sperm Donation can be a better HOPE for Couples with diagnosed severe male infertility leading to disappointment in natural conception and further multiple In vitro fertilization (IVF)/ Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) failure cycles. It is a procedure in which a man other than the intended couple donates the semen sample — the fluid containing sperm that is released during ejaculation — to help an individual or a couple conceive a baby by fertilizing the oocytes.

Donated sperm can be injected into a woman’s reproductive organs (intrauterine insemination) or used to fertilize mature eggs in a lab (in vitro fertilization). The use of donated sperm is known as third-party reproduction and this is one of the most common type of third party reproduction at present. Certainly, this type of third party reproduction has definitely brought several smiles and hopes for couples who are emotionally and financially struggling to conceive.

Before you can donate sperm, you must be screened for medical conditions and other risk factors. It’s also important to understand the possible emotional, psychological and legal issues of sperm donation.

Who is the sperm donor ?

This is the most commonly asked questions from the intended parents. Sperm donor is an anonymous individual to the recipient who has passed the bio-chemical and genetic tests for any kind of abnormalities or diseases or hereditary disorders and have shown the best semen characteristic features when analyzed based on World Health Organization (WHO) criteria. Sperm donations made to a known recipient are called directed donations.

Before donating sperm, one must be screened for medical conditions and other risk factors. It’s also important to understand the possible emotional, psychological and legal issues of sperm donation. The personal information about the sperm donor kept confidential as directed by ART rules and regulations.

As a rule no ART clinic can serve as a Sperm bank this is mainly not leak required crucial confidentiality about the semen donor. Any employee or staff can not serve as a sperm donor if they do or the infertility clinic does not follow these crucial rules of ART, the registry of reproductive medicine has all rights to take severe actions on the clinic.

What are Your responsibilities when you have being offered for Sperm donor program?

As a recipient its important to analyse whether opting sperm donor is a better option in your infertility treatment.

This procedure must require full support and will of both the partners to happily spend rest of their life.

A proper consent form should be checked and submitted to the infertility clinic after opting for the Sperm donor program.

Ultimately parent hood is the best gift a couples could get in their married life hence kids health precautions should be the major priority here, selecting the best donor profile must be carried out for better and healthy outcome while infertility specialists offer you with the donor profiles.

What Factors should be mainly seen in Sperm donor profile ?

Whether the sperm donor is of legal age or not (18-34years)

About his reproductive health or proven fertility

Physiological assessment such as mental health which can be reflected by his qualification mentioned

Male partner’s blood group and external appearance can be matched with the sperm donor’s profile by intended couples itself.

How to become a sperm donor?

What is very important to know ?

Without proper diagnosis one should not opt for semen donor procedure, indeed many couples get through this stage by mislead counseling from the infertility specialists.

Signed consent must be submitted before proceeding, this ensures that both the intended couples are willing to opt the Sperm donor program.

Requesting the sperm donor profile.

Ensuring the sperm bank is legally registered and its not from the infertility clinic where your being treated.

Collecting all ethical information about the sperm donor program.

Most importantly clearing off all the doubt before signing the consent while opting the Sperm donor program.

It is very happy to say that at our INDIRA IVF infertility clinic, we are also the third party reproduction that is Sperm donor program for the patients diagnosed with severe male infertility. These donor sperm are brought from external licensed sperm banks, which is providing best results so far.

For the better understanding of the Sperm donor we provide donor profile which includes the donor’s medical status, genetic or hereditary status and also the main features such as external and physical characteristics to the intended couples to choose according to their will. The confidentiality of the sperm donor such as name, address or any means of contact information about sperm donor are kept unknown.


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