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Sperm Donor Success Rates

Sperm donation is gaining popularity in India owing to its benefits to both donors and receivers. While donor gets the peace of mind while helping someone, the receiver gets to live the dream of parenthood. As IVF success rates increase, couples facing infertility issues are more than willing to try IVF using sperm from a donor.

IVF with Donor Sperm Success Rates

Although IVF does not guarantee a successful outcome for everyone, IVF success rates with donor sperm have been commendable. In most cases, the success rates of donor sperm vary from 60% to 80%. The reason for the variation is usually affected by the advancements & modern tech integrated into laboratory standards and the methods used for insemination.

For instance, the success rate of donor sperm IUI is relatively less than donor sperm IVF. It is, therefore, important to find a reliable IVF clinic as well as discuss with the doctor the preferred method of insemination. Artificial insemination methods using donor sperm are usually more successful because the sperm has been tested for the best quality standards and finding the right donor sperm can further increase the chances of getting pregnant.


How to Increase Donor Sperm IVF Success Rates?

Keep the enlisted points in mind that can help increase your chances of getting pregnant with IVF using a sperm donor:

  1. Choose the best fertility clinic. Ensure that the clinic is equipped with the latest technology and has optimum laboratory standards with experienced fertility doctors.
  2. Go through donor sperm profiles and choose the best profile to increase the success rate of sperm donation IVF cycle.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight, eat a well-balanced diet, and follow a healthy workout routine so that your body responds well to the treatment.
  4. Follow the doctor’s advice and take your medication on time.
  5. Do not stress out and have faith.


How does Indira IVF’s success rates compare with the national average?

India IVF has helped thousands of couples struggling with infertility issues to conceive successfully. Our IVF with donor sperm success rates are better compared to many hospitals across the nation. It is because we have years of experience, necessary technological expertise, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a team of highly qualified doctors that help us have a positive increase in our sperm donor success rates.

The success rate of sperm donation is a big factor for IVF-seeking patients. The numbers of Indira IVF speak for themselves. It is these numbers that build the trust of our patients in us. If you are looking to go for an IVF consultation with sperm donation, contact Indira IVF for complete guidance on the process and realise your parenthood dream.

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