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What is Sperm Donation/ Donor Process?

Sperm donation is a generous and noble task that is helping millions of people realise their dream of becoming parents. With advancements in assisted reproductive techniques, fertility treatments are seeing increased success rates. Sperm donation is used in cases where the male partner suffers from male factor infertility, or the female is trying to conceive without a male partner.

It is a safe and effective procedure. Although a simple procedure, the entire sperm donation process has to be systematic and follow a certain course of action. It is done to ensure the process is smooth and successful and that all parties involved know their legal rights and responsibilities. All parties involved in the process of donating & receiving the sperm must be aware of every step of the procedure.

Sperm Donor Requirements

Donating sperm may seem like a straightforward task, but a sperm donor has to fulfil certain requirements to be a part of the sperm donor process, which are:

  1. He should be between the ages of 18-39 years. 
  2. He is required to clear a series of medical tests to ensure that he is not suffering from any medical conditions or genetic disorders.
  3. He must abide by the regulations prescribed by the doctor, i.e., not ejaculating at least two days before the procedure.
  4. He must abide by the contract, which mentions that the donor will not have any legal rights over the child produced through his sperm.
  5. He must fulfil other legal formalities of the contract.

How does the Sperm Donor Process Work?

Sperm donation may appear as a simple process. However, it follows a scrupulous set of procedures to ensure the process is done correctly while protecting the rights of everyone involved. If you are thinking about donating your sperm and wondering what is the process of donating sperm? Here is a step-by-step breakdown for you:

  1. Before you qualify as a sperm donor, you will be evaluated through extensive medical screening. It will include various tests and questions regarding personal details to be able to qualify as a sperm donor. The testing may include a psychological evaluation, blood tests, genetic testing, semen testing, medical history, physical examination, and evaluation of sexual history.
  2. Following that, if you qualify as a donor, you will be informed of the legal formalities before going further through the sperm donor procedure. 
  3. It is highly advised that potential sperm donors carefully read their contracts and ask the sperm banks any relevant queries. 
  4. Once you qualify for the donor sperm process, you will be given an appointment to donate.
  5. On the appointment day, you will be asked to provide a semen sample in a cup. The process is simple and can be done in a private room at the sperm bank. 
  6. Following the donation, you will be paid the stipulated amount by the sperm bank that was decided for the donor sperm procedure.
  7. After donation, your sperm is sent to the storage lab, where it will be kept for at least 180 days in quarantine. The sample will be subject to further evaluation and testing.
  8. Once the sample qualifies for the quality standards, it can be used as required by the sperm bank. It is important to note that sperm donors will not usually be notified if their sperm donation has resulted in a successful pregnancy unless stipulated in the contract. 

Making a sperm donation is a compassionate task that provides a ray of hope for millions of people. If you wish to help someone, bring life to this earth, make a sperm donation in your nearest Indira IVF centre.

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