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What is Sperm Donation?    

Sperm donation is the process in which a male donates his seminal fluid, or semen. The semen ejaculated by a man contains sperm. The intent behind sperm donation is to help someone conceive through artificial insemination. Sperm donation is also made in case the male partner faces issues of male factor infertility, or someone is trying to conceive individually.

Sperm donations can be a ray of hope for individuals or couples struggling with fertility issues. Over time sperm donations have even helped women around the world conceive without needing a male partner.

Someone who is trying to donate his sperm must understand that he won't be considered the legal father if a child is produced through his donation. He will therefore have no rights over the child. Also, sperm donors are required to be screened for any medical or hereditary disorders before being able to make any sperm donations. 

The donated sperm can be injected directly into a woman's reproductive organs. This is called Intrauterine Insemination. Another method that utilises donated sperm is to fertilise mature eggs in a lab for the IVF process.

Who Should Consider Sperm Donation?

Sperm donation is a means of helping someone feel the joy of parenthood. 

Helping someone conceive should be the main intent of the process. If someone wants to donate sperm, they must keep these things in mind.

  1. Most sperm banks prefer donors between the age group of 18-39.
  2. Sperm donation can make someone a biological father, although they may never be able to meet the child or have any legal right over them.
  3. The medical records will be screened rigorously.
  4. They will have to stay healthy for the donation process.

If the Sperm Donor is ok with the above proceedings, they may help someone through their donation.

What are the Benefits of Sperm Donation?

With the recent popularity of IVF and Assisted Reproductive techniques, the demand for sperm donors is on the rise. Sperm donation offers a glimpse of hope for couples struggling with infertility. 

Here is why sperm donation is beneficial for both the donors as well as the receiver.

  1. It is the only way some people can become parents.
  2. The donors will feel a sense of joy & satisfaction when they can help someone start a family.
  3. During medical screenings, the donors can get a free evaluation of their health.

Sperm donation is a selfless and compassionate act of service. It helps bring new life into this world. If you are looking for a sperm bank near you and are willing to make a sperm donation, contact Indira IVF for complete guidance throughout the process. We offer counselling services for sperm donors and help them do this noble task with ease.

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